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As Cold As ThornsAuthor: Isis Sousa
Title: As Cold As Thorns
Published On: Nov 28 2016
Genres: Dark Romance, Gothic, Paranormal
Format: eBook, Print

When lust and vanity consume a humble young soul, nothing is left but a faint flame in the darkness of the void.

The solace and contentment of Henrique’s simple life as a small-town tailor’s apprentice vanish when his ambitions turn him overnight into one of the most powerful and influential personalities in early-1800s Europe. His quick ascension to the upper echelons of the leading Iberian Empire reveals a man torn between the pure heart he once was, and the grim shade of what he has now become: a spirit obsessed with expensive material possessions and the urge to acquire the unattainable.

Henrique succumbs to the ever-growing desires and beguiling passions tormenting his mind, causing a rupture between reason and a desolate world of ice and snow where pain is the key to salvation. Will he survive his encounter with the colossal emptiness and find the righteous path to lead him out of his agony?

Come and indulge yourself in this startling tale of coldness and wonder.



Henrique reached over to the end table by the couch for the bottle of red wine, which had been put there in the first place for this very moment, this instant of half-victory. He filled his glass, swirling gently the red liquid while indulging in its scent. He felt peace; he felt as if all that thick layer of foggy stress was finally beginning to dissipate. In its place, a shower of loneliness and emptiness poured over him, all at once. The world these days was too wild for him to bear and he had no one with whom to share his misery. Henrique only had the company with which to share shallow smiles and the vile conquests of his expertise and brilliancy in fashioning the finest costumes the world had ever seen.

Catelyna was someone he could open up with, sometimes. Her youth and good looks brought happiness to his days, and dressing her of late… arose in him such a fire, made him feel alive, or rather like he was dying to have a taste of her someday. Someday – a bittersweet word for that thought, which would be properly replaced with impossible, he knew.

Henrique kept drinking. He stared at Catelyna’s portrait positioned on the wall to the left of the mirror. Tears of frustration and grievance poured down his face. He sobbed. He cursed. He hated that night. He hated that her face was staring back at him, worst of all, mocking him. The only things he loved right now in his life were his gift and his art.

“Farewell, Catelyna.”

He finished the glass, throwing it away against the marble floor with all his rage. Then he grabbed the bottle and drank from it, gazing back at the limbo in Catelyna’s portrait.



Book Recipe


1 cup of an artist’s obsession

1 cup of a princess’ beauty

5 slices of a humble servant’s heart

13 petals of black roses

1 handful of thorns

A twist of blood


In your caldron, cook together the artist’s obsession and the princess’ beauty. It will make a porridge of maddening passion. Then you will add the slices of humble servant’s heart  and the petals of black roses to turn the maddening passion into dark love. When it all looks black and cold, sprinkle it with the thorns and drops of blood on the top. Voi lá! Your heart-killer potion is ready to poison your next victim! 😉



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