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Author: Isaiyan Morrison
Title: Ayden. Deamhan Minion
Published On: Nov 14 2015
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Self-Published
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For over a hundred years Ayden, a Metusba Deamhan has waited for the chance to avenge his sire who met a bloody end at the hands of Anastasia, a Ramanga Deamhan.

Being an obedient servant to Kyra, the oldest of their kind, he finally gets his chance to have his revenge. However there’s one small problem. He’s heavily indebted to Anastasia’s offspring, Maris and Kyra wants him to kill her.

He must decide. Be the obedient Deamhan minion to Kyra, who used the darkness inside him to fuel his rage or protect Maris, who saved him from that same darkness for a second chance to feel again.

The choice isn’t going to be easy. Then again, when has anything in his long tortured life been easy?

I stopped smiling. “We shouldn’t talk here.” I moved in closer to her. “We should move.” She referred to the promise we made to each other about Anastasia. We planned to take our revenge as soon as we dealt with Lucius and the Dark Curse. It was the main reason I brought her to Minneapolis in the first place, but it wasn’t the real reason that I came back. It wasn’t easy to tell her how things had changed in my already fragile relationship with the other Ancient Deamhan. I didn’t know how Maris would react if I told her the truth behind my return.

She looked around our environment. “Is someone following you? There’s no one around besides a homeless man underneath the bridge.”

“No. I just want to talk somewhere private.” With my arm around her waist we walked deeper into the park. Now with nothing around us but trees and thick bushes, she spoke again.

“Is something wrong?” Her eyes exposed confusion. “Have you changed your mind?” She took a few steps in my direction.

“No, of course not. Things are not simple anymore.” Of course I hadn’t changed my mind. I wanted to end her sire. The same Deamhan who conspired with Remy, another Deamhan at Blind Bluff Manor, to kill us both during the fight at the warehouse. The same Deamhan who killed Oliver.

“It’s simple to me.” She took a few steps in my direction, glaring at me. She tried to understand what I was trying to say. She rubbed her chin in thought and growing impatient she pushed herself into my mind. Throughout the hundred plus years we knew each other she had never forced herself into my thoughts and it startled me. I reacted quickly, expelling her away.

“Who is Biddy?”

Out of all the thoughts she could’ve picked up from my mind, Biddy was the only name she deciphered.

“No one important. Why did you do that?”

“I just had to know.”

“Know what?”

“Why you’re hesitant.”

We stood a feet away from each other when I watched as her eyes narrowed in on me. My statement didn’t seem to move her to speak up any more quickly than before. Eventually I had to break away from our staring contest. I turned my back from her and covered my mouth in anticipating for what I suspected. She believed that I had somehow reconciled my differences with Anastasia and no longer wanted to kill her. Like many Deamhan in her life, she believed I had broken my promise. She thought that I had turned weak.

“I am not weak,” I said, after picking up on her thoughts.

“Then why have you changed your mind?”

“It’s complicated.” I still didn’t have the strength to face her.

“The look in your eyes. Your body gesture. Your chest protruded slightly, your right pinky finger twitched. It’s Kyra, isn’t it?”

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