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Breesan Maxwell – If you lose every person that loves you, if you feel unloved by your
one remaining family member, and if you know giving your heart away will absolutely crush
it to oblivion losing it, will you risk it? Will you break down the isolation wall you spend years
building and fortifying for that one thing? Will true love be enough to shut out the demons that
convince you that you are not worthy of love?

It will if you choose correctly.

Morgan Walker – Does one woman hold the key to your heart without you even realizing
it? Does past love seem like the logical choice for your business affairs? Or does another
woman’s appeal outshine all because your brother may be falling for her? Does real love exist
for you?

It does if you choose before it is too late.

Marcus Walker – Can you ever love again after your brother’s twisted betrayal? Can you
trust your heart with a woman who is the next target of his desires? Can you allow her access to
your secrets without sacrificing the lives of friends and family? Can her love be enough to heal

It can if you choose it before her past destroys everything.

Will the one thing they deny be all they need? Twisting together through a lifetime formed
from pain, heartache and lies Breesan, Morgan and Marcus will face down their individual
downfalls. You only get one life and one real love. How will you choose?
That which is broken must shatter if it is a Be All and end all kind of love.


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Sent away every summer after her father is taken hostage, while deployed in Afghanistan, Breesan Maxwell is allowed to spend her first summer in thirteen years at home on Willow Island. Invited to a welcome home party for Morgan Walker, playboy and future heir to Walker Corporation, Breesan’s self made world of exile begins to fall away. An introduction to Morgan only initiates the downfall of her self-contained world. His brother, undercover Drug Task Force Enforcer, Marcus Walker’s return adds to the chaos by uncovering family secrets, lies and evil plans to destroy her that will make protecting her heart and those around her extra difficult. Family responsibilities, deceits and the criminal behavior twist these three lives together threatening their meager existences. One brother could offer her a love that will be all worth the downfall.

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New Adult Author of the All Series (four book series), book one Be All released July 2013. Marie Wathen is a wife, mother of two, and when she isn’t writing her other career is in law enforcement. Marie is a fourteen year veteran dispatch at her local Sheriff’s Office, it is also where she met her husband Barry. Born and currently living in Central Alabama, she enjoys a serene life in the country, but lives for the excitement of large cities. Besides writing some of Marie’s other passions include reading, traveling, family time with home cooking and an admitted addiction to the reality show Big Brother. Although Marie has been a storyteller her entire life Be All is her first publication. Marie’s genre includes, but is not limited to, Romantic Suspense. She is currently collaborating on a Romantic Paranormal Thriller series that will release in 2014. Marie welcomes you to connect with her through her Facebook page, Twitter or via email.

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