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BrokenAuthor: Jamie Loeak
Title: Broken
Published On: August 1, 2013
Series: The Outsiders Series
Genres: Young Adult
Publisher: Self Published
Pages: 176
Format: eBook
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Two hearts meet in a field.
One is open,
The other is a shield.
Two heartbeats,
Four hands.
One soul lives between the two of them.
Carter Daniels is a typical runaway. Unsure of who he is or where he’s going, Carter is only sure of one thing: his past is going to stay in the past. But when he gets pulled into the popular crowd at Silver Valley High School, he’s forced to choose: tell the truth about who he is or lie. Lie. And it seems to be working. His parents wanted to get him that cheap apartment because they’re never home. He crashed his car so he doesn’t have one. His weekends are filled because he has to spend time with his parents. But when Carter is forced to open up to an outsider because of an English assignment, everything changes. There is something he sees in her, an undeniable connection. There is a need to discover what lies behind those sad eyes. But will Carter be able to lower his defenses in order to get past hers? Will he let her in, or will he choose to stay broken?

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Vandelya stops shoving her pencil in the spiral of her notebook. She just stares at me. Her green eyes are wide. Her lips are parted, her chest moving up and down quickly. I watch as her gaze falters, as her breathing slows.

I swallow, unsure of what to do or say. I’ve got a temper but I’ve never been like that with someone before, especially someone that I don’t know. But Vandelya is frustrating me right now. She reminds me of my mother; she’s refusing to deal with whatever it is she’s running from. And it bothers me so much because she can choose to deal with it; she can choose to face whatever it is. She doesn’t have to lie, to pretend it isn’t there. She can’t ignore it.

Vandelya’s bottom lip quivers slightly.

“Stop,” I order. I know that in that moment it sounds cruel, that is seems heartless, but I didn’t mean it like that; I just can’t stand to see her cry, especially because the last time she cried was because of me too.

“You don’t know anything about me, new kid. Don’t pretend you can tell me what to do or how to feel. You, of all people, shouldn’t judge me based on one thing.” And just like that, without another word, she turns around and rushes out of the library. I sit there for a few minutes, staring at the direction she took off in, and then I pick up my pencil. The list of Vandelya’s questions still sit in front of me and, without thinking, I start working on them.


BrokenAuthor: Jamie Loeak
Title: Torn
Published On: August 1, 2015
Genres: Young Adult
Publisher: Self Published

Though they are worn.
Take what once worked.
Leave me – torn.
Vani Carter is just beginning eighth grade at Silver Valley Middle. She’s got her friends, Brooke and Anne Marie, guiding her through the year that is most crucial and things seem to be going all right, until all the fighting starts at home.
When Vani needs someone to talk to, she turns to Colton, the boy that’s destined to be popular. Over their lunch conversations, they become friends that care for one another unconditionally.
However, as Vani and Colton’s friendship grows stronger, Anne Marie and Brooke become more jealous, and that’s when things change. Vani’s forced to endure, not only the pain of her parent’s constant arguments, but also the pain of Anne Marie’s mean comments and threats.
When Vani is forced to choose which kind of pain is easiest to bear, will she make the right choice? Will she give in or will she fight back?

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