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The Day the WordsAuthor: Christina Escamilla
Title: The Day the Words Went Away
Published On: June 27 2014
Publisher: Christina Escamilla Publishing
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Have you ever wondered why popular books keep giving us the same tired plot lines over and over again?

Peter sure does.

He has a theory that there are simply no more original ideas left in the world. To prove his hunch right, he makes a bet with his best friend, Andy. Together, along with the girl of his dreams and his best friend’s wife, they set out on a zany adventure that includes escaping the clutches of an illegal street racing crew, a terrorist attempt, one creepy morgue attendant, and a near death experience at the wheel of a well-known celebrity.

Will Peter find out why all of the words went away or will this unlikely foursome just prove he is a terrible writer?


“Bear with me.  So we have no ideas, well, no new ideas. But we’re not alone.  Look up some movie show times, what will you see?  Sequel, sequel, sequel, prequel, remake, remake, reboot.  Maybe there’s something new out, but it’s probably based off a book or popular series.  And those are based off some other idea that’s already been done before.  It’s just one crappy merry-go-round of the same couple of ideas over and over again.” At a pause of silence I continue, “Do you know what that means?”

“Yeah, that we have to come up with something that doesn’t suck.”