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Author: Isaiyan Morrison
Title: Deception
Published On: Feb 11 2016
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Self-Published
Format: eBook, Print
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The death of prominent Deamhan elders has left a gaping hole in their society.

Amenirdis, the Queen of Limbo and the Dark Mother of Deamhan, is now loose in the world. Her plans for total annihilation of her kind rests on the blood of Maris and the Dark Curse tablet.

News of her release has also awaken the Dorvo Coven; vampires who consider themselves the arch enemies of Deamhan. One in particular hunts for the Dark Curse tablet with a means to exterminate every Deamhan on the face of the planet. In order to do so she must collect the broken Dark Curse tablet and the blood of Maris.

However, there are some Deamhan who won’t go down without a fight.

Remy sighed, knowing exactly what she referred to. A neck torture device used to be one of his favorite foreplay instruments. During his moments of bliss with her, they used many other sexual mechanisms for pleasure. Not only did they love afflicting pain on each other, they also enjoyed watching their victims scream in agony. Ruby was more inclined to test each new one on the Deamhan he led her to. This was just one of the many ways he betrayed his own for her acceptance. He enjoyed those dark, demented days.

“No, thank you,” he said. “I’ve moved on to more modern ways of humiliation and punishment.” He winked at Alexis. “Your new lackey knows all about it.”

They both approached him and Ruby set the device on his lap. “Maybe I should let her torture you instead?”

To him, they looked like twins; almost an exact replica of the other. He never mentioned to Alexis how attractive she looked, especially when she threatened him during those busy nights at Dark Sepulcher. When he first saw her, he almost instantly knew that they would never mix but the idea of trying and toying with her tickled his insides.

He adored women in general. He couldn’t have cared less about their origin, their race, or in this case if they were Deamhan, Dorvo vampires, or just the run-of-the-mill vampires. He obsessed over them before and after his sire turned him. In fact, his sire told him that his choice in women would eventually be his downfall. Wise words, which he failed to listen to.

“Do you also remember the way the humans looked at me during that time?” Her question made him refocus.

“You know I didn’t pay much attention to them in that way. They were food. I couldn’t care less about how they looked at you.”

“Yes. That’s why we were hardly seen together.”

He had no idea what she referred to and the conversation took a twisted turn.

“Only when I influenced their thoughts, made them think that I looked different, did they accept me. They ruled through ignorance. They did love their caste system…those fools.” She grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked his head back. “You think that Darwin’s discovery would make them more sympathetic to those who looked different than the majority, but all it did was further prove that one race stood dominant over the other.”

“Ruby, stay focused,” he said. “You’re starting to not make sense.”

She opened her mouth slightly, revealing sharp canines that reminded Remy of how beautiful she could be when lost in her tangent. She had ways of turning conversations into blobs of incoherent prattling when she grew angry. In the past, he kept her on the straight and narrow when it came to a simple conversation. Now, he had to do it again.

“Those humans had no idea who I was,” she said. “Or what I could do to them.”

“All in the past, baby. All in the past.”

Suddenly, she pulled out Maris’ amulet and pushed it toward his mouth.

He struggled but, with his movements constricted, he screamed out. “Fine, I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you what you want to know!”

She paused. “What is it about this amulet that scares you?” She let him go and stepped back. “What is this?”

He heaved. His heart would’ve skipped a beat if it beat at all. “I just…I don’t like the color. It’s so not me.”

She smiled. “You always have a punch line, don’t you? So, tell me what you saw.”

Before he had a chance to conjure up the events at the warehouse, the sound of a door creaking open near the back grabbed their attention. His eyesight still failed him on occasion but this time he saw a familiar figure walking cautiously in their direction. Lambert came into view and a sigh of relief engulfed Remy. Although Lambert wasn’t as old and powerful as Ruby, he still was held in high regard among the vampire population in Minneapolis. He had enough influence to sway them under his own banner and against the Dorvo vampires who now flooded the city. Lambert’s loyalty to Nathan meant that soon he would be free from his chair, given money, and told to go on his way to San Diego to help Veronica—or so Remy hoped.

Lambert’s eyes locked onto Alexis. “What’s going on?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Remy spoke, feeling his throat fill with his own blood. “They’re torturing me.”

Lambert’s concerned gaze did little to cloud Ruby. She showed him the amulet. “Do you know what this is?”

He took a quick look. “No.” He turned back to Remy. “Why are you torturing him in my establishment, of all places?”

She stuffed the amulet in her pocket. “He’s Deamhan. That should be reason enough.”

“Yes, but here? This is a club. Not Chillingham Castle.”

“Perhaps we should move this to your dungeon downstairs?” Her different colored eyes stared him down. “With all your little toys.”

Lambert turned away and for the first time, Remy realized that his vampire acquaintance didn’t have as much pull in the situation. He wasn’t getting out of his chair any time soon.

“He’s my little project,” Ruby continued. “He’s been very bad lately. Threatening my Johanna. Thinking he could sex her into talking.” She slapped Remy across the face. “Still using your dick to get out of a rough situation.”

His cheek throbbed in pain. “You know me all too well.”

Alexis wrapped her arms around Lambert. “It’s morning. Did the sun hurt you?”

“I got back just in time.” He pulled away from her.

“Where did you go?”

His chest jutted out, as if bothered by her question. “Out.”

“To see Nathan?”

He jerked his head to her. “When did you start caring about where I go at night?”

Now muted, she lowered her head briefly.

Ruby picked up the torture device from Remy’s lap and began to unscrew it. “She’s only concerned about you.”

“I can take care of myself.”

“Yes, but who will take care of her if you never come back?” Now unscrewed, she placed the device around Remy’ neck and began to tighten it once again. “I know all about your relationships with Deamhan in this city. It’s not healthy, especially for vampires.”

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