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Anne Conley is an author with a spiritual side. Mostly known for her contemporary romances, set in Serendipity, Texas, she also has a series of books about the Archangels. The Four Winds are God’s closest archangels, having helped him for since the dawn of time. He sees they’re tired, and humanity has rubbed off on them, to varying degrees, so he decides to let them “fall” as long as it’s in love. Meet Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael, like you’ve never seen them before.. Anne has attempted to reconcile her Christian upbringing with her smutty side, with great results.

Falling for Heaven

Book One: Falling for Heaven FREE!! FREE!! FREE!! FREE!! Uriel is one of God’s Four Winds, the Archangel of Destiny. He has helped thousands of people throughout the ages find their destiny according to His will. This time however, what he doesn’t realize, is that it’s his own destiny he’s supposed to fulfill.

Heather is an exotic dancer, whose stage name is Heaven. It’s not what she’s always wanted to do, but it helps her pay the bills, and she’s got a lot of bills, with taking care of her mother and her sister. When the mysterious Uriel comes into the club, she can tell he’s different — just how different will rock her world…

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Book Two in her Four Winds series is Falling for Grace.
Rafael is one of God’s Four Winds, the Archangel of Healing. He has answered the countless prayers for healing of loved ones, wondering what it was about the emotion that made humans willing to sacrifice so much.

Grace is a lifeguard who has been on Rafe’s radar since she lost a little boy three years ago. What she doesn’t realize is the green haze that comes over her during a rescue is actually a divine presence who’s about to give up his celestial body to become a very real entity in her life.

While Grace is trying to overcome her own demon, Rafe is discovering his own sexuality, but there’s a darker presence making himself known. The Deceiver wants what Rafe is getting, and he’ll do whatever it takes to have her.

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Falling for Grace

Falling for Hope

Book Three in the Four Winds Series by Anne Conley, is Falling for Hope.

Hope is an eccentric librarian who lives with her five cats and loves to spend her time fantasizing about living in a world of shape-shifters, vampires, and fairies. Although the existence of a paranormal world is far from Hope’s reality, she can’t help but sense there’s something different about the mysterious man lurking in her library.

Gabriel is God’s Strength, the Messenger, who’s been tasked with delivering the Word for millennia. His most recent assignment will be his last, to fall in love and become human. But he can’t quite figure out what he’s done to displease the Boss. Gabriel’s latest assignment might be the hardest, but this gorgeous rubenesque quirk of a woman definitely has him intrigued.

Okay, probably the coolest part of this particular book is the heroine, a quirky librarian who lives inside her own fantasy-land of the paranormal romances she reads. She’s not the least bit surprised to meet an archangel. Haha!

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In this, the fourth book in the Four Winds Series, the story is more intense, Damien is more intense, the sex is more intense.

The entire series thus far has escalated into this, the archangel of war’s story. Michael, the archangel of war, is pissed. Humanity has taken every last vestige of any feelings he might have had and colored them in with cynicism. He’s ready to be done. So when The Boss gives him the deal, he’s eager for his mortality, at any cost, regardless of who he has to ‘fall in love’ with to get it. Blessed death. That’s what he’s looking forward to.

When he finds out what Faith does for a living, he’s pissed off all over again. Faith is a cat burglar, but when she inadvertently makes a deal with Damien, Michael steps in to protect what is rightfully his. She’s not over her own tragic past, and this hulking bundle of hotness can’t change that. But when he insists on protecting her, claiming her, and dominating her, she is powerless to deny her own emotions.

For mature audiences. Contains swear words, sex, elements of BDSM, and possibly heretical viewpoints.

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Falling for Faith

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