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Smudge turned me around somehow, still holding me tightly in his arms.  I didn’t know how he did it with me kicking at him so furiously, but he twisted me around until our faces were just inches apart, his eyes hot blue smoke that seeped through every part of me.

I stopped kicking.

The lights from the teen center cast a shiver of orange light on his face, and I couldn’t help but stare at the pure perfection of it.

Smudge cocked his head to the side, and still holding me, his lips lightly brushed against mine.  I struggled to breathe, then, as his lips hungrily pressed harder, moving slowly and deliberately with such emotion and intention I couldn’t help matching his movements with my own, the blue mist of his eyes circling us together and swirling us around in a cloud that seemed about to burst.

Author: L.L. Crane
Title: Forbidden Rain
Published On: July 16 2015
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult
Publisher: Self Published
Format: eBook, Print
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Rain is forbidden. As a matter of fact, any teen romance is quickly snuffed out by the Administration due to the high S.L.A.G. (symptomatic latent autistic gene) rate. But that isn’t going to slow Orion down. He wants Rain, and one way or another, he’s going to get her. The problem? She isn’t interested in the hunky new boy who struts into her Geography class right after an earthquake strikes Province A. New students are rare in the Provinces, and much to Rain’s dismay she must show him around for three long days.
But there’s much more to Orion than what meets the eye. The cocky boy has secrets, not only about his family but about Rain’s as well. When a romance finally develops, Rain and Orion must find a covert hiding place so the Administration’s prying eyes won’t find them. But will it work? The hedge gap seems the perfect place, until Orion mysteriously disappears, leaving only one cryptic clue. The letter K. Heartbroken, Rain feels the loss of Orion viscerally and is determined to find him. Eventually, after giving up on Orion, Rain settles into a normal routine with her new family, trying to forget about him.
But Rain soon discovers that she has the biggest secret of all, and if the Administration finds out, there is more at stake than just a teen romance. Left on her own, Rain must face the biggest decision of her life. There are only two paths to follow. Which one will she take?
Book 1 in the Blue Spectrum Chronicles will keep you tethered to your seat, waiting to turn each page to see what happens when a young couple bravely dares to fall in love at a time when it is strictly forbidden.

Rain 24-A, an eighteen year old student at Citizen School in Province A, is one of a select few students who was chosen to participate in the Fast Track leading to University.  By consistently achieving high test scores, she has managed to hold down Desk 1 in each of her classes for the past seven years.  Rider 17-H, a virtually unknown, has consistently held down Desks 2 and 3 in the same classes.  The Administration has been hopeful that Rain and Rider will both be a pivotal players to help find a cure for S.L.A.G. (Symptomatic Latent Autism Gene), which has become epidemic in all ten provinces.  Rain has volunteered her mandatory three hours a day with the Spectrum Red S.L.A.G.s, the most severe on the scale.  She has proven to help these S.L.A.G.s make progress that has otherwise not been attained.

Rain is the daughter of Moon 24-A and Cloud 24-A, who severed their marriage partnership four years ago.  Rain’s eight-year old brother, Snow 24-A, is currently exhibiting similar academic potential.

On Thursday, May 26, Rain 24-A was extricated from her Trigonometry class to attend Arbitration.  The accusation was cavorting with a male.  Her mother, Moon 24-A, the head of Arbitration, had the final say on her daughter’s verdict, which was incarceration.  Rain 24-A was photographed and observed displaying romantic interludes with Orion 267-J upon numerous occasions.  This is in direct violation of mandate 67845-K3S.  Both teens were observed exiting a hedge near the teen center on more than once occasion as well as photographed kissing, touching in unacceptable manners, as well as obvious other romantic expressions.

Rain’s verdict is a six month incarceration.   However, her step-mother, Dove 26-B, a noted and famous attorney, found a loop-hole in one of Ruler 9’s mandates.  Fast Trackers are to be released to the custody of their parents, not incarcerated.  This did not happen with Rain 24-A.  To make matters worse, Orion 267-J has been reported missing for several weeks.  His father is the head of military operations and is searching desperately to find his son.

Rain 24-A has been released to the custody of her father Cloud 24-A and her step-mother Dove 26-B.   Both families are high born.

Records indicate that Rain 24-A passed out when receiving “The Shot” to prevent pregnancy and then, due to her limited incarceration, which lasted slightly over a week, she missed her second shot.

On Friday, June, 3, Cloud and Dove 24-A reported their daughter missing.  The Administration has banned together  with parents of both teens to find both Orion 267-J as well as Rain 24-A and bring them back to Province A.  Until then, both high born teens are reported missing.  The Arbitration committee is firm that punishment will be swift and severe.