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sallyoHow shocking was it to learn you were a healer?
It was probably the biggest shock of my life.
What’s the best part of being a part of the pack?
Just knowing you are part of something bigger than yourself.
Did you ever feel left out seeing your best friends being mated and thinking you would never be since you were human?
Honestly, there were just so many changes happening so fast I didn’t really have time to wonder where I was headed.
How do you think your life will change now that you are a healer and listening to your ‘inner Jen’?
I think that I am in for some big challenges and there are going to be times when my inner Jen is definitely going to be needed.
What do you fear most about the upcoming battle with Mona?
I imagine I feel what most feel going in to battle- the unknown. There are so many unknown variables that have to be considered when going into war, especially a super natural war, so I guess that’s what I fear most, all the unknowns.
What do you like to do when you’re not hanging out with your friends?
I love to read and watch movies.
What is your favorite thing about Jacque?
She’s so easy to be around and so comfortable with who she is.
What is your favorite thing about Jen?
She’s so confident and able to say whatever she thinks.
Do you miss your family back home? Do you keep in touch with them?
Yes, I do miss them very much. I’ve talked to my mom a couple of times, but It’s kind of heard because she obviously doesn’t know anything about this world and so I have to remind myself of that when I talk to her.
Do you wish you could turn into a wolf too?
I think it would be really cool to join my two best friends and my mate, but I feel like I have a place in this world and it’s as a healer.