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 My Review


I first learned about Jillian Dodd and this series of books at a Author Book Signing Event that was in Universal City. I went and bought Stalk Me, when I got home that day. I finished the book after a couple of days. It was a hard one to put down. Little ones who take over Kindle to watch Angry Birds makes it hard to read sometimes, lol otherwise I bet I would have finished this one in a day.

I found this book to be very enjoyable! I loved the way it was written. The character Keatyn is such a great character. I kept rooting for B throughout the book. I love how she writes scenes for things in that are in Keatyn’s mind and how she planned for things to happen like they were a movie. I enjoyed how things like the first kiss did not happen exactly how Keatyn imagined them to happen, and how it was compared. I look forward to reading the next book.