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Swag Giveaways includes the following items:

  • set of four postcards
  • a set of stickers
  • some mini-bookmarks
  • a Team Nate button
  • a Team Jack button
  • a signed paperback of Not Today, But Someday (the prequel to Emi Lost & Found)
  • a signed paperback of Number 7 (which is the prequel to another spin-off series).

Check out the Prequal – Not Today, But Someday (Emi Lost & Found)



This novella is the prequel to the Emi Lost & Found series. After the 3-volume series was published, readers wanted more. This is for the readers – the story of how Nate and Emi met.

In December of 1994, when she was a junior in high school, Emi Hennigan discovered her father’s infidelity. Forced to transfer schools mid-year, she wasn’t trying to make new friends. In that same month, sophomore Nate Wilson’s girlfriend broke up with him. Searching for someone to fill the void left by his first love, he meets Emi in his art class.

Nate knows he wants Emi from the moment he sees her. Emi knows she needs Nate after one night together. A life-long friendship is born, and a pact is made to ensure that nothing will come between them.

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