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According to a study by the SBA, multiple business owners are more likely to be classified as high income and high wealth. The only security comes from inventing your own future, and that includes a business portfolio. “The Money Garden” shows you how to use the talents and skills you already have to create a lifetime of income, no matter where you’re starting from. You’ll learn how to create and run multiple businesses with multiple streams of income.


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This is a great book for anyone who has their own small business or is planning to start a new business.  What can you find in The Money Garden? You can find tips and where to begin, making your plans for your business, promoting your business and more.

The book is well written and easy to follow and understand. One of the things that I really liked about this book is the little charts and boxes with highlighted tips.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to help their small business or start a small business.