Amber Sky

Set into the side of one of the wardrobes, and etched in gilt, the full length mirror gleamed lightly in the light. With a sigh, Tay stepped forward. Her image swam into focus and she took a step back, startled at the image she saw before her. The slightly...

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Groupie by M.E. Carter Book Blitz

Groupie /ˈɡro͞opē/ a person, especially a young woman, who regularly follows a celebrity in the hope of meeting or getting to know them.
See example Tiffany Wendel:
Whore. Slut. Cleat Chaser. I’m used to the names so they don’t bother me. These are my boys. My friends. So what if I like to have dirty sex with them? My body is no one’s business but mine.
Why is Rowen Flanigan making me re-think how I live my life? Making me question my choices? He’s only a rookie.

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Serenading the Shadows by Jodie Larson Release Day!

No one should have their life planned out at the age of three. Yet that’s exactly what happened to Adrienne Carmichael. Paving the way as the “piano prodigy” was all her parents wanted… Only she didn’t.
All she wished for was to be normal, to be a regular teenager and everything that came with it–including the decisions that would shape her life.
Wish granted.

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Cover Reveal: Odium IV The Dead Saga

A kid, an old lady, and a heartbroken man…what could possibly go wrong?
Mikey is holding true to his promise to Nina, and is doing everything he can to keep the group alive. But when something attacks the threesome in the middle of the night, things begin to take a turn for the worst.

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A Dark Journey into Light

Note from the Author This is the story of my life.  It has not been fabricated, exaggerated, or embellished in any way.  It's the raw truth and I'm not really sure why I'm writing it, but my therapist thinks it's a good idea, and I can understand her...

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Death by Diploma by Kelley Kaye

This was an enjoyable book. I like that it has mystery, twists and humor. Fun book to read. Why did you decide to become a writer? This question always makes me giggle. Like it was my decision. If I don’t write, my head will explode....

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