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Playlist: EvanescentAuthor: Carlyle Labuschagne
Title: Evanescent
Published On: Nov 16 2013
Series: A Broken Novel #2
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Publisher: Sensational Publications
Pages: 388
Format: eBook, Print
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Ava knows much more, and feels much more than she is allowed to. When she starts questioning her origins and the destruction of Earth, things go horribly wrong for her. She is saved by a Minoan boy from an attempted kidnapping on her life – the perpetrators are evil Zulus and their dark ancient magic. Humans and Minoans are forbidden to interact with each other, and as she is taken back to their village she finds out why – they know of her, her kind and her destiny to save a dying race. Ava must rid them from the Council’s ruling and free the galaxy of The Shadow. Her destiny is to rise above the fall, because within her soul is the key to an archaic weapon that has been missing in the mix of a genetic code since the time of the ancients. As the prophecy unfolds she learns of her bloodline – a bloodline that makes her less human than she could ever have imagined. She alone has the power to destroy or save, but the mind-shift is a horrible thing. Ava will become what she hates to save the ones she loves. Beaten, poisoned, possessed and betrayed by her own emotions, she has no choice but to rise above it all… for that is her Destiny.


Sia with Shewolf.

This song brings to light the struggle within herself between her human conscience and that of her darker side, her struggle with the shadowing disease that is slowly corrupting her from the inside. I love the piece where she is hunter for what she is (carries with in her blood) perfect for Eva!

Scene: Exert from Evanescent:

“Torn between the Devine light, and the oppressing Shadow.– I was not meant to exist that way. But knowing that no matter how dark, lonely and scary a reality it had become for us all, love was always the answer, and love of one’s self was, and is, the best ability and gift that’s ever existed. For love makes the impossible possible, without it nothing would survive. Love moves through an eternity of space and changes all time, and that should be the very thing that drives us.      I was new to the thing called emotions and love. I had been created to shun it, been told it was weak. Brainwashed and medically controlled by the Council to prevent it from motivating me. The day I met Troy, it all changed. That was the first time I had explored emotions, and the Council knew – they know and that is why they came after me, and would do everything in their power to keep us apart. I was horrified to admit that I thought they might have already succeeded. I had defied every experiment they put before me. I was not to feel, or to challenge. Emotions made us weak. Ironically, the only thing that kept the shift from destroying me– was my emotions. The shift is a deadly disease, it comes from a dark place, a place that hates fear, and seeks redemption in all the wrong places. At times, the shift had all of me, but he is my antidote, our salvation. And therefore, in his hands and in my heart, he has all of me.

I sat in the crossfire, my mind and the will of the Blood-shift fighting each other for a place in my heart. I choked back tears of fear as the bitter taste of hate for what I was clung to my insides. This is how the disease works. It turns you against yourself, so you can give in to it, to its promising power to take all humanity away from you – to forget. How could he love a monster?

I could not contain it any longer. It was who I had to become. I saw my transformed reflection in the pod. I was a hideous beast. I ran from one side of the room, stricken with fury and a blazed sai glued to my palm, and tore through the glass of each bluish, domed pod before me. Vengeance was all that existed as shards showered down on me. I was deep within my guilt and self-loathing. Blood, oil, and ichor splattered the walls around me as I kept running; it all stained my skin with their strange blood – my blood! It was I who had been responsible for their existence. I let Enoch do this to me, to them.

My mind was reeling like a speeding craft through all existence, beyond and back. My pulse beat a solid shame inside the dark fabric of my mind, spreading like a wild fire through my veins, infecting my body with its venom. This was what a weapon did – abolish all, leaving nothing in its wake.

The next hall of tubes were merely shapeless bodies, no faces, no hair, but the blood leaking through paper-thin skins taunted me. I drew both sais higher, and ran through the rows once more, cutting, piercing and shattering glass. My rage showered me with sharp, clear, glass slivers, reflecting the blue liquid from other pods. I was drowning in a sea of monsters. With each slice of glass on my skin, the sweet pain attempted to work its magic in killing my suffering heart. I spun and sliced through a golden tube running up and out from the floor, and into a row of pods. A huge alarm pierced the air, a siren designed to bring the intruder down with such a high frequency it shook the stone walls, threatening to bring the entire structure down, too. I grinned, watching the unmarked clones drain of the little life they had. There will never be another disaster like me! My instinct took over and I was deaf, not able to hear a single shard of glass crashing to the floor, or the shrill that sent waves of paralyzing noise throughout the fortress.”

Copyright Carlyle Labuschagne 2013 Evanescent a broken novel.

Song two: Terrible love by Birdy

Eva knows the darkness is consuming her, and she loves so much of how it has changed her, made her stronger but she also struggles with the fact that it is slowing wining over very thing she wants to keep about herself. It is a terrible love to love what is not good for you. And her love for Troy is that too, she is obsessed with making him lover her bad side and wants nothing else more in the universe than to be eternally his and his hers in any shaper way or form.

My blood – Ellie Goulding

Once again it is the epiphany of her transformation into the Dark Queen. Her blood holds the key to her salvation and those infected by the shadowing disease, or the destruction of everything as we know it. It color of her blood is different and she is ashamed of it, tries to hide it from the one she loves –Troy. She’s given so much of herself and yet its never the right way, and she knows that eventually she will either have to be eternally dark or live being without the power and possibilities it holds.

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