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Author: Jamie Loeak
Title: Flightless Bird: The Descent into Atlantis
Published On: May 2013 (First Edition)
Genres: Dystopian
Publisher: Self Published
Pages: 58
Format: eBook
Source: Tour Host
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“Hunted, wanted, beast of night.
Lurks and takes of the human’s light.
Seizing, leaving nothing but death.
Taking until there’s nothing left.
But yet - alas! - The humans shall fight.
A human’s strength will steal his life.
This war is not a dream deferred, but the unyielding
Strength of a flightless bird.”

I received this book for free from Tour Host in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Good Story!

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Overall: four-stars

Unfortunately, Theo hangs back, waiting for me. “I saw that,” he whispers as I fall into step next to him.

“Saw what exactly?” I ask as I raise an eyebrow, daring him to tell me.

Theo laughs. “I looked at your body because I wanted to touch every inch of your skin. He looks at it because he wants to put his mouth on every inch of it.”

“What’s the difference, Theo? You both think I have a nice body.”

“You’re right there, but he also wants something more from you, Kyra. Something that a guy like me can’t give a woman.” He speeds up as Helena pulls away.

“And that’s a good time in bed?” I ask jokingly.

Theo laughs again, this time gripping his stomach as he bends over. “I’m an experienced lover, Kyra. If all you want is a good time, I can show you one. But I have a feeling you’re more into the emotional aspect of sleeping with someone. He can give that to you, if you’re okay with one leg and all.”

I roll my eyes and push Theo against one of the metal walls. “I’ve changed my mind. I liked you better when I disliked you, Theo. You were much easier to handle.”