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Jack Stone Cover

I agreed to read an ARC of “Jack Stone: Wild Justice” in exchange for my a male point of view on the book.

This was my first Vivien Sparx book, but not my last!

At first I read the blurb and it said it was a BDSM erotic thriller I thought “uh oh what’d I get myself into” since that’s not usually something I’m into reading and I probably would have passed on it. But I’m glad I didn’t since other than talk about it a little and get a it alpha male bossy there really wasn’t any BDSM going on. So if that’s what you’re looking for then you might be disappointed with this installment of the Dark Master.

Jack Stone is on a mission to track down a couple of missing girls who he hopes will lead him to the ring of sex slave traders who also took his little sister. And as the quiet town of Windswept Arizona is about to find out, nothing and nobody is going to get between him and his goal.

The book had a great pace and Jack Stone was like a shark, always moving and doing something.  If he wasn’t pounding the pavement looking for answers,  he was pounding the bad guys,  and of course in the steamy sex scenes doing an entirely different kind of pounding.

It really brought to mind the old TV shows where the drifter would roll into town, tear the bad guys a new hole and right some wrongs before heading off into the sunset. The Jack Stone series will be a series of stand-alone books that can be read in any order with the second one tentatively coming out at the end of July.

A touch of romance, hot sex, and lots of ass kicking! The kind of book wives could probably talk their husbands into reading ya know? But definitely a story guys would enjoy.

I can’t wait for the next one!