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Rogue is an adventure with murder, mystery, technological advances, and romance with memorable characters struggling to fight against the power. The new world has become a bleak, dark place in the not so distant future where the government has taken over every aspect of life.

The book conjures images of a future that is extreme but urges the reader to consider where our society is moving towards today, leaving a disturbing imprint on the mind, and a hope for those brave enough to fight against it.

RogueFinalEBOOKsmallcoverAuthor: Chelsie Shock
Title: Rogue The Novi Orders
Published On: June 27 2014
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction
Publisher: Self Published
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In the future the New World has suffered bombings, world wars, the tectonic plates have shifted, the population has seen sicknesses, radiation spills, genetically modified animals and humans, and the population has dwindled into two classes: The elites and everyone else. The Novi Orders have been enacted by the capital city and control everyone completely, except those who have hidden or rebelled, the rogues. Will is one of the survivors who has lived the quiet life of a sailor and fisherman living on what was once the Washington state coastline. When he meets an old man who used to work as a scientist for the elites, they sail to places he never imagined he’d see… the islands where the elite’s live. He meets a beautiful woman who is part of the high society by marriage, and he is thrust into plans for an uprising, a revolution, murder, war, oppression, survival and entangled in a forbidden love he can’t fully comprehend.


He let his body float upwards, his face staring at the endless sky. His mind immediately wandered. The red and oranges seared his eyes with curiosity, the planets hanging in perfect view. He didn’t feel his body anymore. His eyes moved across each planet, the moon, Eros, Mars, Runa. Eros hung low in the sky, the red hues of the planet beautiful and bright. He wondered what the mega-elites were doing on Eros at that exact moment, selfishly and carelessly. He gazed at the place the elites lived as if he were on one side of a glass that could never be broken. He imagined the elegant dresses dancing without faces, like ghosts wearing jewelry. The rich never had faces, their hollow skins draped in untouchable extravagance. Their appetites insatiable wolves. He closed his eyes. His lungs took in the smells of the salt water.

He suddenly saw himself as a little boy again, with scared eyes, laying on Everett’s rooftops staring up at the sky and wondering if he had a place in the universe. His hands were helplessly small and dirty, hungering for a scrap of food.

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