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Seekin Havok

Her life is just as messed up as her name.

All she wanted was a friend—one that knew her and not her circumstances. She needed somewhere to call home. Hers was an open door for countless men looking for the services her mother offered them. She camouflaged herself against lockers and blackboards to avoid the stares and whispers at school.

And then she found Cal…and Fade.

Cal lives like Frankenstein, rising at night to work and just trying to make it until dawn. He avoids most relationships, afraid of the things he will be asked to do. He moonlights as Fade, a radio station DJ who spends hours counseling his peers on their troubles. It was all mundane until Jocelyn called the station.

Cal and Havok pursue a friendship.

Jocelyn and Fade pursue a relationship beyond the confines of the radio waves.

But when Havok disappears, Cal will find that Havok has been guarding a lifetime worth of secrets. And when Fade and Jocelyn’s all night phone conversations cease, he finds a link between them he never saw coming.


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(5 / 5)

**Read With Caution – Possible Spoilers**

Now, where to begin? Lila Felix is an AMAZING author. She writes amazing characters that you just fall instantly in love with. In the case of this novel it is Havok and Fade. I loved theme instantly. This book held my interest throughout the whole book. It has a sad story in a sense, but at the same time it is a heartwarming story. Havok has had a really hard life and all she wants is a friend who loves her for her, and not for what they know of her life. She does not see at first that she has that all along with her best friend Ali. Havok listens to a radio show  hosted by Fade, she starts to call in to his show for someone to talk to about her problems, calling herself Joceyln.  At the same time she runs in to Cal and finds a friend in him not realizing he is Fade. After a phone call from Jocelyn during one of his shows, Fade realizes that Jocelyn and Havok are one in the same. I loved seeing how he struggled with knowing the truth and telling Havok he knew. He loved her so much, he did not want to hurt her. Once he finally tells her she is shocked and says she needs time to process it. After she leaves his apartment she ends up in danger. Havok survives her ordeal to learn she has had what she wanted all along – a family and people who care for her, through her friend Ali and her family, her school counselor and of course Fade. This book has a beautiful heartwarming ending. I just loved it.

Thank you again Lila for an Amazing 5 Star book!






(5 / 5)

It’s possible Lila Felix has been hanging out with the villains of Once Upon a Time because each and every time, she manages to reach a hand right in and give my heart a big squeeze! And Seeking Havok is no exception.

“I wonder if her mom is an X-men fan” I can’t help but wonder to myself as I’m reading(they take on a life of their own, and I wonder about weird things like that about them). Somehow Havok remains a strong smart-assed personality after years of severe neglect, with only her closet and her friend Ali and to keep her sane (it may seem silly, but anyone who’s had a closet of solitude can attest to how comforting it can be.) I called them early on, but it was still fun to see all the interconnections between Havok and Cal’s lives play out, like watching dominoes get set up and them fall. Although one of them I did not see coming in the slightest, and what a shocker that one turned out to be!

All in all Seeking Havok played havoc with my emotions as it wove a sweet story of love amongst drama, tragedy, and emptiness. If you love stories that remind your heart what it’s doing up there, this one is for you.