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Shelly Crane Giveaway

It’s no secret that we’re huge Shelly Crane fans over here at Fabulous and Fun. And we’re not alone! along with several of Shelly’s fans we had the opportunity to send her a message letting her know just how we feel about her. Check it out!

Fortunately we had a chance to meet her at the amazing Night of Magic signing in Los Angeles! So happy to finally meet up in person!

Of course being the sweetheart that she is, we didn’t leave the event empty-handed. We managed to get some goodies to share with some lucky folks!

So we’ve got three sets to give away, each includes a Shelly Crane cover poster, and a goodie bag of home-made swag by the Fabulous Jenny! So go enter the giveaway below!

Shelly Giveaway Goodies
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