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91Gn1aZ9WYL__SL1500_ I’m giving this 5 stars because it was written really well. This was one of those books that captivates the reader so greatly that you cannot put it down for anything. However, it was a little disturbing. The title alone leads you to understand that you won’t be reading a fluffy romance novel. The entire story is told in the main character’s, Aeron’s, POV. I thought it was interesting to read the entire book from a male POV and I thought the author did this seamlessly and effortlessly. I really felt I was looking into a sociopath’s mind. He was arrogant, powerful, and deliciously hot (18+++). Although I found myself enthralled in this book, I also never found a connection between the 2 main characters, Aeron and Leontine. I actually wouldn’t call this a romance, but more a thriller, a psychological thriller. This is a standalone novel with an HEA; however, by the ending I felt sad and unsatisfied. The ending felt a little unfinished with a couple of characters so that bothered me. Overall this is a must read if you’re looking for something dark and sinister. I know this book will stay with me for a long time! Must read!!