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Wow! I really enjoyed this book, definitely a 5-star read. This is the first book that I’ve read by Penelope Ward so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I had heard the hype about this book and wanted to check it out. The characters in this book were FLAWLESS! I really felt that the 2 main characters had a connection from the moment they were introduced to one another. I liked the arrogance Elec portrayed combined with the innocence and compassion that Greta had. There were 2 parts to the book. The first part took place when they were younger and first met as teenagers when Elec came to live with his father and step mother. He then met Greta, his step sister at that time. In order to make his father’s life miserable and to get revenge he decided to make Greta’s life miserable. He soon realized that it was impossible because Greta was caring, funny and sweet. Thus, their friendship began. Later in part 2, the 2nd half  of the book, Elec and Greta meet again as adults. I would’ve preferred a longer part 1  with more build up and history to their relationship. As for part 2 I felt it was filled with a lot of angst. However, it is a great read if you’re looking for that ultimate connection between two people and want that HEA in the end. As for the ending, it couldn’t have been better! Definitely a must read! Great HEA!