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All About Swoon

Author: CM Foss
Title: Swoon
Published On: April 2nd 2015
Genres: Adult Romanace
Pages: 318
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I’ve never been your typical girl. I didn’t grow up in a warm fuzzy family, and emotions weren’t something I needed now. Love has never been something I could wrap my mind around, so why bother? I know what I’m good at. I’m a great friend, have a passion for healing others, and a way with horses. I can be all those things at the same time without ever discussing my own feelings.
Until him.


I’ve always been told I have a way with words. It’s one reason I manage the family business so well. I can wine and dine with the best of them, selling bloodlines and high-priced stallion services over a five-course dinner. I’m able to talk myself into or out of just about anything and anyone.
Until her.


Young and carefree, living worlds apart, they indulged in what seemed like the perfect fling.

Until Lawrence decided he wanted more.

Until Steph’s careful world fell apart.

Until they had to decide if love was worth the fight.

Mike’s Review

(5 / 5)

Swoon indeed!

Yay Steph and Lawrence from Shiver get their own story. But if for some reason you haven’t read that story you’ll be just fine as Swoon is more than able to stand up on it’s own.

These two have got to be one of the more infuriating couples I’ve read about in a while. I’m rooting for them but they keep managing to screw it up somehow!

“That was the right thing to do. But it felt so fucking wrong.”

I almost feel like it’s a spoiler, so look away if you’re shy. But really, we know they’re going to get together. Like any great adventure it’s not the destination but the journey. Right? And these two have one hell of a journey together.

“Bacon makes everything better.”

The sex is hot, the banter and humor is fun, there are moments that will pluck at your heart strings, and possibly bring a tear or two to your eyes. Yours. Not mine though. It’s allergy season dammit!

Now for the big question though. When does Tessa get her book?