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The Goddess of FortuneAuthor: Andrew Blencowe
Title: The Goddess of Fortune
Published On: Mar 24 2014
Publisher: Hamilton Bay Publishing
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The Goddess of Fortune is a work of alternative fiction in which history is re-explored, in sometimes surprising ways:

• Beautiful Louise, while only 24 years old, uses her intelligence, wiles, and body to dominate the so-called "stronger sex."
• Kaito Sasaki of the Bank of Tokyo, inspired by Lenin (“The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency”), proves just that with his printing of U.S. 100 dollar bills.
• The treachery of Hermann "Fatso" Goering is uncovered and his punishment is swift.
As a work of historical fiction, Goddess reveals the private foibles, quirks, and lusts of the famous of the period.


Remember what the Russian revolutionist chap V. I. Lenin liked to say, ‘The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.’ Well, Sasaki has created an amazing weapon that we can use to destroy the enemy with paper, ink, and a printing press. Gentlemen, I will also remind you that in most parts of the world the American 100-dollar bill is the de facto currency, and that 80% of all U.S. currency is denominated in 100-dollar bills. Moreover, all the paper, ink, plates and printing machinery are Japanese. And with the development in 1939 and 1940 of the New Trunk Line—the Shinkansen—modern steam locomotives now being developed that travel at 200 kph. So the time to carry the paper from northern Japan to Tokyo has been compressed to under 10hours. And with our presses in the basements of this building we can create silly slips of paper with the nominal value of one hundred million U.S. dollars per day.”

Sasaki’s boss paused, and then said:

“Our respectful suggestion at the Bank is that we supply our Army and our Navy each with 100 million dollars’ worth of currency each week. You gentlemen can use it for whatever purpose you see fit.”

A doubting voice asked, “This is all well and good, and this is a wonderful plan—or perhaps I should say ‘scheme.’ But we in this room are not experts—will these bank notes be accepted? Are they good enough?”

Sasaki’s boss smiled,

“A very, very wise question. Since January of last year, we at the Bank have been supplying Sasaki’s new weapon to our agents in the American possessions of the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippines, as well as to the American cities of San Francisco and New York. In total, close to seventy million dollars of Sasaki’s currency has been spent, and not one bill has been rejected.”

This raised eyebrows.

The doubter congratulated Sasaki who quietly rose and bowed deeply.

Another voice asked about the old papers,

“If these bills were made recently, how is it that some of the bills look so old?”