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Sacred Bloodlines

guardians crownThe Guardians Crown

by Wendy Owens


Release Date: September 27th


Gabe is finally forced to answer the ultimate question, will he give his life to save the world? What about just to save the one he loves the most? The Guardians struggle to find another way–ideas that don’t involve Gabe’s death–to defeat Baal. Time is running out. What will Gabe choose? What price will he pay for that choice?




guardians crown adAs Michael watched her speak, he swallowed hard, remembering in that moment it was more than her beauty he had fallen in love with. “I don’t know what to do,” he replied, his words barely audible.

“People need hope Michael, as much as they need a leader. You and Gabe are the answer to both of those things. You’ll lead the people of earth to victory and Gabe will give them the hope they need to keep going,” Mirada said, her voice sensitive, yet unwavering.

“I don’t know if I can,” For the first time in Michael’s life he was completely unsure of what he should do. He had lost all sense of purpose.

“You can, and I’ll be at your side every step of the way,” she said with a smile.

“Are you serious?” Michael asked, his heart now racing.

Falling to her knees she embraced him, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. She pulled away, looking into his eyes. “I’m never going to leave your side again.”

Michael felt as if his heart might burst. With the death of the council he had felt as though he had lost everything that mattered to him, but here in his arms, he found the last piece of hope he had left in the world. “We have to go back and help Gabe.”

“Why, what’s wrong with Gabe?” Mirada asked.

“They found a book that says the guardians crown is real,” Michael explained.

“Well it is real, or it was,” Mirada stated, staring back at Michael.

Michael watched as she rose, taking a seat next to him on the bed and wrapping her fingers around his. “What do you mean it was?” he asked.

What does Mirada know that nobody else seems to? Read The Guardians Crown to find out if The Guardians have a chance to change their fate or simply must face their destiny.


I liked this book. I did not like it as much as I liked the others in this series, but it was still good. I felt like the first 3/4 of the book was missing something. Not sure how to put that thought into words, but it felt like it was missing something that the other books in the series had.

The last few chapters of the book that missing element seemed to come back. I am very satisfied with how the series ended. Such a wonderful conclusion to all the questioning and hardships that Gabe and his friends went through. For the most part, I was still really frustrated with Gabe, but in the end I was very pleased and satisfied with him.

Elements that I like with this book, are the same as they were with the others in the series. I like that it is written in a way that it is easy to follow, it keeps your interest, and the descriptive wording lets you feel like you are right there in the action of the story, you can really just see these characters in your mind.

Thank you Wendy, for a great series of books.


Sadly we’re reaching the end of a journey, as this is book five of The Guardians series, and apparently the last in the series. Which is a shame because it seems like there’s so much more left to the story.

There are a lot of story lines going on in this book and it manages to pack a lot of action and adventure in along with the drama. Of course leave it to an oracle to spoil one of the big twists early!

I’m still torn about the ending though. Part of me thought it was a little anti-climatic, while the other half found it to be quite satisfying. And yet there are so many unanswered questions!

So wrapping things up, this was a good series that would be well worth the time to read. I know I enjoyed it and I hope you do too!


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wendy owens

Wendy Owens was raised in the small college town of Oxford, Ohio. After attending Miami University, Wendy went on to a career in the visual arts. After several years of creating and selling her own artwork, she gave her first love, writing, a try.

Since 2011, she has published a young adult paranormal series, The Guardians, which will contain five books total, as well as a novella.

Wendy now happily spends her days writing—her loving dachshund, Piper, curled up at her feet. When she’s not writing, she can be found spending time with her tech geek husband and their three amazing kids, exploring the city she can be found spending time with her tech geek husband and their three amazing kids, exploring the city she loves to call home: Cincinnati, OH.

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