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The Lone RancherAuthor: Andrew Grey
Title: The Lone Rancher
Published On: Feb 15 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, M/M
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Format: eBook, Print

Aubrey Klein is in real trouble—he needs some fast money to save the family ranch. His solution? A weekend job as a stripper at a club in Dallas. For two shows each Saturday, he is the star as The Lone Rancher.
It leads to at least one unexpected revelation: after a show, Garrett Lamston, an old friend from school, approaches the still-masked Aubrey to see about some extra fun… and Aubrey had no idea Garrett was gay. As the two men dodge their mothers’ attempts to set them up with girls, their friendship deepens, and one thing leads to another.
Aubrey know his life stretching between the ranch and the club is a house of cards. He just hopes he can keep it standing long enough to save the ranch and launch the life—and the love—he really hopes he can have.


Day in the Life of a Rancher-(from characters point of view)

I get up at the crack of dawn to go to work.  That often means time in the barn followed by one of the highlights of my day, riding out to check on the herd.  I usually go on horseback if I can and time in the saddle is amazing.  In the afternoon, I spent some time with my mom and dad, making repairs, and planning my next moves.  If it’s Saturday, then I head out to Dallas for some fun and to visit friends.  At least that’s what I tell my parents.

You can’t tell anyone, but I really head to a club and do two shows as The Lone Rancher.  The guys love it.  Now it’s not like my first choice was to earn extra money taking my clothes off, but the ranch was in financial trouble and I earn a lot of money for a single night’s work, so I’ve been stripping for a few months now and I’m hoping The Lone Rancher can hang up his mask soon.  Then I’ll go back to ranching and can out this whole thing behind me.


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