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Tracks CoverTitle: Tracks

Author: Sarah Biermann

Genre: New Adult

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When Harvard Law student, Dylan Ackhart, moves to Boston with her best friend- the last thing she expects to find is Jeremy Mason. Jeremy is sexy, smart, and passionate- and currently the most famous rock star in the world.

From the first moment Dylan meets Jeremy, she’s attracted to him. But she soon finds the fame and press can wear on you. Plus, Jeremy seems to be hiding things from her- including his relationship with the mysterious blue-haired girl.

Tracks takes you on a ride through the not so glamorous side of dating a rock star- sex, drugs, rock and roll.


Tracks is only available on Amazon through August. After August, it will also be available on Nook.

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I finally look directly at Jeremy and everything in my body turns to butter. I tingle with electricity. He looks astonishing. It’s a hot day, and he has a sheen of sweat covering his body. His tight white T-shirt clings to his muscular chest. His dark jeans are again hanging low on his hips, exposing his hip bones. He’s barefoot and sleeveless, so casual yet he makes it look so elegant and beautiful. He has his signature grey guitar on his lap and a cigarette hanging from his gorgeous pink lips. He’s clean shaven today, which kind of disappoints me. I loved the way his face felt when it grazed against mine. I imagine for only a moment the way his stubble would feel against my inner thighs…

My Review

This is only the second of the “hot rocker” type books that I’ve read. The other barely touched on his status as such so it was really more of rich guy some people recognized so the comparison isn’t really there.

Sex, drugs, and rock & roll! We’ve got all of that in addition to a couple of hot headed main characters who both have more issues than a magazine subscription. Not to mention a cast of secondary characters who fit their places nicely in the story without seeming forced. I couldn’t read Rich’s lines without Ving Rhames’s voice echoing in my head.

I really liked how Dylan was comfortable with herself. Sure she had her brief moment of insecurity but who doesn’t? She’s an actual woman. Not the bombshell, size zero, runway-ready supermodel who just hasn’t realized it yet.

This story will flip you from happy to heartache and right back again and again as it drags you through the highs and lows of the rock star life through Dylan eyes.

I’m not particularly fond of the ending though as some things get wrapped up too neatly and I would have much preferred to read about them in more detail than to just have the gift bow slapped on in an epilogue. And we’re left with a sort of happy cliffhanger that thankfully the Author teases us with the the fact that another book is on the way!


Sarah Biermann, RN, BSN was born Wilmington, Delaware and grew up in Claymont. She attended Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Wilmington for high school, majoring in creative writing. She went on to Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, PA for her Associates Degree in Nursing. She recently graduated Drexel University with her BSN in nursing and is currently in their Masters program for nursing education. Sarah’s nursing specialty is in drugs and alcohol detox and rehab.

Sarah has been married to her husband, Jon, for 8 years. She has two beautiful daughters: Anna, age 7, and Quinn, age 2. They live in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

She enjoys reading, singing, art, music, television, going to the movies, Hershey Park, and writing. “Tracks”- the first book in the “Rock Bottom” series- is her first book.

Sarah is currently working on the second book in the “Rock Bottom” series- titled “Trials”- coming soon.



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1. Kiss From a Rose- Seal

2. Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley

3. In Your Eyes- Peter Gabriel

4. Mirrors- Justin Timberlake

5. Big Shot- Billy Joel

6. Happiness is a Warm Gun- Beatles

7. Baby’s on Fire- Jonathan Rhys Meyers

8. Barely Breathing- Dunkin Sheik

9. Behind Blue Eyes- The Who

10. Breaking the Habit- Linkin Park

11. Extraterrestrial- Katie Perry

12. Circle The Drain- Katie Perry

13. Hummingbird Heartbeat- Katie Perry

14. Heroin- The Velvet Underground

15. Come To Your Senses- show “Tick Tick Boom!”

16. I Want You/She’s So Heavy- Beatles

17. Locked Out Of Heaven- Bruno Mars

18. Your Song- Elton John

19. I Drink Alone- George Thorogood

20. Take A Bow- Rihanna

21. This Time- Jonathan Rhys Meyers

22. While My Guitar Gently Weeps- Beatles



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