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Cam AKA Cameron Hamilton is the “Manday” for Monday, October 14, 2013
No Cliffhanger!! That’s how I’d like to start out this review! It’s nice to read a stand alone book once in a while without a cliffhanger hanging over you for months!  Wait for you by J. Lynn was a story that had me completely engrossed from the get go! Normally I read an  entire sample first before making the decision to buy any book. Well, this book was the exception. After chapter 1, I hit the buy  now with one click!!! It’s that good.

Besides having the best FIRST kiss ever,  hands down, the book is about a couple with secrets that need to be shared  before they can take their relationship further. Avery moved far away from her family to get away from not only her judgmental and regimented family but judgment from the town, as well. After tragedy struck, Avery was harassed daily throughout high school; however, even away at college someone from her hometown is still harassing and stalking her.  Cam has his own demons he’s trying to deal with surrounding his family.  Cam is completely intrigued by Avery’s aloofness and with both of them not only going to college together but living in the same apartment complex, Avery can’t stay away from Cam forever.  This story is about finding oneself  after a tragedy and coming out ahead in the end.

Great read! I’m super  excited about Cam’s novella coming out this month.
(5 / 5)
My star rating = 5 Solid Gold Stars