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Yell and Shout, Cry and Pout: A Kid’s Guide to Feelings is an essential guidebook for adults in steering children through the confusing behaviors that emotions evoke.  When you understand the purpose of emotions, behavior becomes understandable.  Each of the eight emotions is clearly defined thorough vignettes and illustrations, keeping both adult and child captivated, thus creating an opportune time for discussion. By recognizing that all humans experience these emotions throughout their lives, the book provides a true sense of comfort. Emotions are not to be shunned, but rather embraced and explained to provide a positive development environment for all children.

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Yell and Shout 2Author: Peggy Kruger Tietz
Title: Yell and Shout, Cry and Pout
Published On: March 25, 2013
Genres: Children's Books, Nonfiction, Psychoeducational
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Source: Tour Host
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This is a nice book for teaching children about feelings and how to express feelings. It’ has examples of feelings and what can cause those feelings. This book has nice illustrations. I’d recommend this book to anyone wishing to teach their children about feelings.