Illusions of Isolation by Brennan LaFaroAuthor: Brennan LaFaro
Title: Illusions of Isolation
Published On: 1 March 2023
Publisher: French Press
Pages: 245
Format: eBook

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Is anyone ever really alone?

When a young man’s wife goes away for the weekend, he lies awake all night wondering what the otherworldly sound in the attic is and why only he can hear it.

After her husband’s death, a mother who interacts with her son exclusively through stationery notes grapples with the strange ways her lost love seems to be haunting them both.

And inch by inch, room by room, a young girl’s home is overtaken by a savage jungle, even while her parents are being gradually replaced by somewhat…wilder housemates.

In this debut collection Brennan LaFaro, the author of NOOSE and SLATTERY FALLS, brings you these stories of creeping dread and much, much more. Contained within are thirteen tales of horror, humor, and heart, (including nine which have never before seen the light of day) and an introduction by the legendary Jonathan Janz.

Is anyone ever really alone? Or are they merely suffering…


My Review

This is a collection of suspense/horror stories. I enjoyed reading these stories. They were well written and a page turner. None of the stories are the same so it’s like reading a whole new book with each chapter.

About Brennan LaFaro

Brennan LaFaro is a horror writer living in southeastern Massachusetts with his wife, two sons, and his hounds. An avid lifelong reader, Brennan also co-hosts the Dead Headspace podcast. Slattery Falls, the first entry in a trilogy, is out now from Crossroad Press. Be on the lookout for Noose, coming soon from Dark Lit Press.

Brennan LaFaro

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