Review: Occult Assassin Damnation CodeAuthor: William Massa
Title: Damnation Code
Published On: January 31, 2015
Series: Occult Assassin #1
Pages: 218
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The war against the darkness begins...
After a decade spent fighting the enemy abroad and keeping his country safe, Delta Force Operator Mark Talon is ready to settle down. But Talon's world crumbles when the love of his life becomes the victim of a terrifying cult.

The military man now has a new foe in his crosshairs, and this promises to be a very different war. The person responsible for his beloved's death is a Silicon Valley tycoon allied with the forces of darkness. Fusing cutting-edge computer technology with occult power, the enemy here cannot be stopped by bullets alone. If Talon is to be victorious in his mission of vengeance, he will need to master a new method of warfare -- the arcane arts! He must become.... the Occult Assassin.

Also by this author: Match: A Supernatural Thriller, Silicon Dawn, Occult Assassin #2: Apocalypse Soldier, Soul Jacker, Cursed City

jens review

Great story! Great characters! Loved how the story keeps you at the edge of the seat. I will definitely read more from this series.


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Review: Occult Assassin Damnation CodeTitle: Ice God
Published On: August 20, 2014
Pages: 60
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One man stands between the forces of darkness.

After his fiancée is slain by a murderous cult, Delta Force Operator Mark Talon dedicates himself to a new mission - hunting down twisted occultists around the globe and stopping them before they can unleash the forces of darkness upon an unsuspecting world.

In ICE SHADOWS, Talon must head to Norway to stop a Black Metal musician who plans on using an ancient Norse ritual to trigger a frozen cataclysm.

Occult Assassin: Ice Shadows is a novella and tells a self-contained Mark Talon adventure set after Apocalypse Soldier.

jens review

I loved it! Very good story, with suspense and action. This has a likable character, that makes you want to learn more about.

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