sparrows for freeAuthor: Lila Felix
Title: Sparrows For Free
Publisher: Rebel Writer Productions
Pages: 316
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC

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I received this book for free from The Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Ezra is ruled by the ghosts of his past—and needled by the guilt they create. Not only does he have to manage his own guilt—his friends are forced to bear the weight as well. He lives in limbo, never dreaming of anything that lies beyond the grave. 
He wishes for something beyond himself. 
He hopes for her. 

Hide and seek is Aysa’s game. She begs for small spaces and empty places. But, she secretly desires so much more. She's caught between wanting to hide and needing to break free. 
When they find each other, a hope for something new is sprung. 
She can't hide from him. 
And he comes alive when he's with her.

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sparrowsHow freaking amazing is Lila? Totally amazing! I just finished reading Sparrows For Free, and it was AMAZING! It had moments where you just laugh out loud, it will have you yelling and shaking your head at your eReader. The characters are so fresh, real and raw. You’ll just want to run up to Aysa and give her a big hug. You’ll want to just give Ezra a big hug, while at the same time you’ll want to slap some since into him. Oh and Gray – OMG, I won’t get started on her, I so do not want to spoil anything. Overall I’ve just got to say this is a great story, it’ll give you laughter and tears. These characters are so loveable! I have read nearly every one of Lila’s books. I think there is only 3 I have yet to read, and I just know I will love them too. I’ve loved all of her books, Lila is such an amazing author. She brings real feelings to her stories. They are so full of realness (is that a word?) They are powerful, full of emotion you can’t help but love or hate the characters.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Have you ever played that game with a balloon? You know, the one where you smack it up into the air and then when it comes down you pop it back up? That’s the kind of feeling this book has. Every time the negative stuff these poor characters have gone through or feel start to drag you down, they manage to do something to pop you right back up in the air.

Most of the book is done in a point of view passed back and forth between our two main characters Ezra and Aysa, giving us the story from both angles. Now a tiny little tidbit is seen from Ezra’s best friend Gray, and it packs quite a crazy punch. I had guessed how that part of the story was going to go while discussing bits and pieces with my wife after she read it but before I did. And even though I was right, I was sooo wrong at the same time!

Just to be fair, and this way you can’t say I didn’t warn you. The ending is a “to be continued” moment, so haters of cliff-hangers beware! Personally I suggest you read it, and then take a moment to relax, because I believe the train to crazy-town is going to go off the rails in book two!

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