The Extinction Cycle

An amazing and thrilling series has come to an end. If you have not read this series yet, I highly recommend it. This series by  author
Nicholas Sansbury Smith. There are 2 seasons for this series which are The Extinction Cycle and The Extinction Cycle: Dark Age. The Dark Age books were co-written by Nicholas Sansbury Smith and Anthony J Melchiorri. There are 10 books in this series. You do not have to read the first 7 to dive into Dark Age, but I highly recommend reading all of them.


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The Extinction Cycle SeriesTitle: Extinction Darkness
Published On: June 15, 2020
Pages: 417
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With nowhere left to run, the Allied States fortifies their few remaining outposts and relocates Central Command to prepare for their final stand. President Jan Ringgold and her generals know beating the enemy on the battlefield is impossible. The only path to victory seems to be taking down the leader of the New Gods, a sinister Chimera known as the Prophet, before he can complete his campaign to enslave humanity.

While Captain Reed Beckham trains new troops, his wife Doctor Kate Lovato returns to the tunnels to infiltrate the bioengineered enemy communication network. Injured and exhausted, Master Sergeant Fitzpatrick and Team Ghost make their way back from Canada with a Chimera prisoner that might be the key to finding the Prophet and raising a new army.

In this thrilling conclusion to the Extinction Cycle series, humanity bands together one last time against the Variants. But time has run out for the heroes of the first war to save what remains of the Allied States and perhaps, the world.


I give this book 2 thumbs up! It was a great story,  I loved it. It has action and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s hard to put down once you start reading.  Thank you Nicholas and Anthony for the great story.


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The Extinction Cycle SeriesTitle: Extinction Horizon
Published On: February 14, 2017
Pages: 356
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The worst of nature and the worst of science will bring the human race to the brink of extinction...
Master Sergeant Reed Beckham has led his Delta Force Team, codenamed Ghost, through every kind of hell imaginable and never lost a man. When a top secret Medical Corps research facility goes dark, Team Ghost is called in to face their deadliest enemy yet--a variant strain of Ebola that turns men into monsters.
After barely escaping with his life, Beckham returns to Fort Bragg in the midst of a new type of war. As cities fall, Team Ghost is ordered to keep CDC virologist Dr. Kate Lovato alive long enough to find a cure. What she uncovers will change everything.
Total extinction is just on the horizon, but will the cure be worse than the virus?
Self-publishing sensation and USA Today bestseller Nicholas Sansbury Smith comes to Orbit with the first book in his propulsive post-apocalyptic series about a soldier's mission to save the world.

The Extinction Cycle:

Book 1: Extinction Horizon
Book 2: Extinction Edge
Book 3: Extinction Age
Book 4: Extinction Evolution
Book 5: Extinction End
Book 6: Extinction Aftermath
Book 7: Extinction War

 The award winning, top-rated saga that sold a half-million copies returns in the second season of the Extinction Cycle. Welcome to the Dark Age.

Survivors thought the extinction cycle had ended, but a powerful evil lurks in the shadows…

meet the authors

About Anthony J. Melchiorri

Anthony J Melchiorri is a scientist with a PhD in bioengineering. Originally from the Midwest, he now lives in Texas. By day, he develops cellular therapies and 3D-printable artificial organs. By night, he writes apocalyptic, medical, and science-fiction thrillers that blend real-world research with other-worldly possibility. When he isn't in the lab or at the keyboard, he spends his time running, reading, hiking, and traveling in search of new story ideas.

Read more at and sign up for his mailing list at to hear about his latest releases and news.

About Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Nicholas Sansbury Smith is the author of several post-apocalyptic books and short stories. He worked for the State of Iowa for nearly 10 years before switching careers to focus on his one true passion—writing. When he isn’t daydreaming about the apocalypse he’s likely racing in triathlons around the Midwest. He lives in Des Moines, Iowa with his family and several rescued animals.

For more info, visit him at:

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