The Last Steward

Do you enjoy the following in your books?

  • Space Combat
  • Droids
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Starships

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then this series is for you. Check out the first book The Last Steward, the first of a three book series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. Learn more about this series and it’s author here.

The Last StewardAuthor: Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Title: The Last Steward
Published On: May 7, 2024
Series: Galaxy of Flames #1
Publisher: Great Wave Ink
Pages: 486
Genres: Science Fiction
Narrator: Mark Boyett, Khristine Hvam
Format: Audiobook, eBook

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From the embers of a galaxy in flames, destiny calls upon an unknown guardian.

Captain Axel Finn has spent his life running salvage missions with an alien crew and their war bot. This motley group has found refuge on his ship from their own tumultuous pasts. But little do any of them know, beneath his gentle demeanor, their steadfast captain is far from the peace following, adventure seeking giant of a man they all love. His pacifist ethos meant to safeguard them has edged them to the brink of financial ruin and drawn dangerous enemies.

Forced into a risky salvage operation, the crew uncovers an alien relic not of this galaxy.

Expecting treasure to pay their debts, they instead find an artifact of the Wrath, an extraterrestrial species that once decimated entire worlds. To decipher the true nature of their discovery, Axel seeks Rangnar Soki, a deadly bounty hunter famous for his pursuit of the Stewards—legendary warriors who stood against the Wrath in bygone days. But as the mystery of this artifact deepens, and hunters close in, an old enemy threatens to set the galaxy ablaze.

Axel must choose: accept his legacy and unleash the monster within or watch everything he loves burn.

Kick off a thrilling quest of adventure with NYT and USA Today bestselling Author Nicholas Sansbury Smith in this new science fiction saga. Readers that enjoy galactic combat, snarky droids, ancient aliens, lost starships, and underdogs facing daunting odds, this story is for you!

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My Review of The Last Steward

Fun book, I love how the first page of each chapter has an image. It held my attention from the start and had me excited to learn more about Axel. The characters are fun and interesting. I look forward to reading the next book.

About Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Nicholas Sansbury Smith is the author of several post-apocalyptic books and short stories. He worked for the State of Iowa for nearly 10 years before switching careers to focus on his one true passion—writing. When he isn’t daydreaming about the apocalypse he’s likely racing in triathlons around the Midwest. He lives in Des Moines, Iowa with his family and several rescued animals.

For more info, visit him at:

Nicholas Sansbury Smith

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