The Thing Under Your Bed by Stephen KozeniewskiAuthor: Stephen Kozeniewski
Title: The Thing Under Your Bed
Published On: 30 April 2023
Publisher: French Press
Pages: 91
Format: eBook

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There’s something under your bed.

It hates you. It wants to devour you and everyone you love.

Dad’s at work. Mom’s dead drunk and no help whatsoever.

Maybe your stuffed rabbit can help, since he seems to be alive and talking now. Then again, maybe that just means you’ve finally gone around the bend.

Whatever plan you come up with to survive the night, though, you’d better not let so much as a fingertip stray off your mattress. If you do, you’ll be ripped to bloody chunks by…

This was an interesting read. If you like stories with suspense this is one I would recommend. A quick read about a monster under the bed. 

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