True Crime Genre

What is your favorite thing to watch on TV? Do you enjoy comedy, drama, crime procedurals, or true crime?

My favorite genres is true crime. I love to watch the shows on the Information Discovery Channel. A few of my favorites are Evil Lives Here, Deadly Women and Homicide Hunter. I like to watch these shows because I find them fascinating. Not only is it interesting to see how crimes were solved, especially with cold cases how they solved cases decades old.

This topic has been on my mind because my daughter has been writing articles on it for her journalism class. She created a blog for her class assignments and it’s called La Criminalité. In her articles she is exploring the popularity of the true crime genre and  if and how can it make an impact on the investigation process.

La Criminalte

Besides watching shows on true crime I also enjoy reading true crime books. I particularly like ones that are done by people involved with the case because you can read what they thought/felt throughout the event. I find those more interesting than a 3rd party telling the story. I mentioned before that I enjoy Homicide Hunter. Homicide Hunter is the stories of the cases that was solved by Lt. Joe Kenda. A detective from Colorado Springs. It’s interesting hearing his stories on how he solved the cases and what he was thinking and feeling while working on the case. Joe Kenda had written a book about the cases that he investigated or oversaw. This book is on my TBR list. I’ll be getting to that soon. 

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