Published On: July 17, 2012
Pages: 134
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Adam Channing knows the rules…during the Full Moon Phase— DON’T GO IN THE WOODS.
Yet, he can’t ignore the call of a young female werewolf Patricia DuFur. He knows it’s against pack rules, but can’t resist the temptation and faces the consequences when her three brothers attack and leave him to die.
With Blake as a friend, he is well on his way to learning the ways of being a werewolf. Adams is constantly in a state of change when he receives the gift of “Seer”. His life takes on a whole new meaning out in the forest.


“Get him!”

            Adam heard those words and turned to run. Outnumbered, he didn’t stand a chance against three of them and knew he was dead. But he ran anyway. He could hear the boys crashing through the trees behind him. Knowing the area helped Adam somewhat. Their ability to run faster, as well as smell him, gave them the advantage.

Hearing the painful yell, Adam knew that one of the boys was shifting. He pushed harder, trying to figure out how the hell he was going to get himself out of this mess. A thought hit him and he grabbed the lowest branch, swinging himself up and into the tree. His plan was to go as high as possible. He could fight them off if they had to hang on to the branches to keep themselves from falling, or at least he hoped.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t counted on them being able to jump quite so high. Ten feet in the air, Adam heard one of them following him up the tree. Glancing below, he saw Lee scrambling not too far behind.

Lee bounded up to the branch below and scrambled quickly to catch him. Grabbing Adam’s foot, he gave a powerful yank and pulled him from the tree before he could fight back.

Grunting, he fell out of the tree, landing flat on his back. With a whoosh, the air rushed from his lungs, he gasped to catch his breath. Staring up into the bright yellow eyes that glared down at him, Adam winced from the pain, wrinkling his nose in disgust when the saliva from the snarling snout dripped across his cheek. Squinting, he turned his head away, hoping for a quick and painless death. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Nelson lash out with his booted foot. The first kick landed in his ribs, forcing him to curl into a painful wracked ball.

“You should have stayed away.” Lee circled around, raised his foot and stomped.

Another foot landed with a sickening crack, his arm snapped. Adam clenched his teeth to keep from yelling out in agony.

He glared up at the wolf and the two boys standing over him. “Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to play with your food?” His voice strained with pain.

“Always the smart ass!” Nelson stepped forward and aimed a kick for the middle of his back, laughing when Adam grunted and squirmed on the ground. Looking to the wolf he ordered, “Do it.” He stepped back, motioning for the wolf to move in.

The wolf lunged. Grabbing Adam’s leg. His sharp teeth sliced through the material of the jeans with ease, sinking into the fleshy part of his thigh.

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