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After hearing so much praise for Lori Otto, I had to check out one of her books. So I headed over to Amazon and picked up Not Today, But Someday. Now that I have read the book, I see why she has so many praises. Lori is an excellent writer.

I find this book to be well written and easy to read with how it flows. I enjoy how it has chapters and are from the points of view of Emi and Nate. I enjoy that in books, because it gives it spice, and you can learn about the different characters in a way that is not one sided.

I immediately loved Emi. She’s having such a rough time my heart breaks for her. I like that she has a good and close relationship with her brother.

I also like Nate. He seems to me the good guy, who wants to look like the tough guy. As I read through this book, I loved how he wanted to be the best can be for her. I loved how he made the deal with her for him to quit smoking – and her to try and forgive her dad.

Such a wonderful story. I look forward to reading the other books in this series.