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Here is my review of Beguiled by Rania Sarri.

My first thought to share – AMAZING!

Is it possible to enjoy a 2nd more than the 1st? Yep, yep it is! This one like Gate Deadlock was hard to put down. I really enjoyed reading. So much suspense, keeps you on the edge of your seat.

This is written in a way it made me feel like I was right there with Emma. I love it when books are like that. I love how Emma grows throughout this series into such a strong woman, who stands up for herself and those she loves. I loved how she refused to give up on Christopher.  I started to get a little worried near the end, but as I finished the book, I was left feeling satisfied with the ending. I really liked the parts of the book, that seemed like a narration, when it was telling what was happening with Christopher showing what was happening when he was away from Emma, and what he was thinking, feeling, doing. I would have loved if it told more about Christopher and Fredrick’s history. That could make a whole good book  on it’s own, I think.  Thank you, for an amazing book to read.