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Steel Lily  CoverTitle: Steel Lily
Author: Megan Curd
Genre: Dystopian
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AVERY PIKE is a commodity. No, more than a commodity. Her existence is guarded at all costs.

She’s a water Elementalist, the strongest of her dwindling kind. She creates steam to provide energy to fuel Dome Four: the only thing standing between humanity and an earth ravaged by World War III. No steam, no Dome. No Dome, no life.

Or so she thinks.

That is, until a mysterious man offers her a way out of having to donate steam. A way to escape the corrupt government of Dome Three. While the offer seems too good to be true, Avery is intrigued.

But when she arrives to her new home, she realizes the grass isn’t any less dead on this side of the fence. Instead, the lies are just hidden better.

…Which means digging deeper.

When Avery enlists the help of her friends to uncover the truth, it may make her wonder if she was better off being a government tool than searching for freedom.

Some secrets are better left concealed, but humankind was never meant to live in a cage. And when you can control the most sought after resource, you can learn to control anything…including the fate of your world.

My Review

I received an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for my honest review

This is my first venture with the writing of Megan Curd and with this book she has guaranteed it will not be the last! I love how descriptive the writing style in this book is. Just enough to paint a vivid picture in your head without going overboard and detailing everything for you.

This is one twisty book though, just when you think you know what’s going on things take an action packed turn in a different direction. It was really hard to put down, things were happening and I didn’t want to miss it! (You know, because the book’s just going to keep going when I’m not reading it *facepalm*)

The characters.. so much going on here. They’re witty, hilarious, sarcastic, endearing, tragic, and broken all at the same time. They aren’t just your stereotypical static characters “I’m the comic relief!”, “I’m the pessimist sidekick!”, etc. they all get to be real and distinct, and change through the course of the story.

And the ending! This book should have bought me dinner first because the twists in this thing have had it’s way with me! So heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, yet clearing the stage for the next book which at this time is expected out in December 2013!


About the Author

Megan Curd Author


Megan Curd is a graduate of Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota. While having always enjoyed reading any books she could get her hands on, Megan didn’t begin writing until a friend encouraged her to do so while in college.

When not writing, Megan enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves to snowboard and travel to new places, and doesn’t turn down the opportunity to play xBox with her brother and friends when it presents itself.

Megan currently resides in Stanton, Kentucky with her husband, son, and Great Dane named Dozer.


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