A GLEAM OF LIGHT by T.J. & M.L. WolfAuthor: T.J. & M.L. Wolf
Published On: 9 December 2016
Series: The Survival Trilogy
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform/ Amazon
Pages: 340 -- paperback
Genres: Science Fiction
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In 1995, at the age of eight, Una Waters survived a terrifying encounter at 30,000 feet aboard Flight 564 from Dallas to Las Vegas. It changed her forever. After 21 years, and a decade away from the Hopi Reservation where she grew up as a child, a surprise plea for help brings Una back, to solve a mystery that threatens their traditional way of life. The U.S. Army's sudden interest regarding a cave discovery in the Sacred Peaks has triggered alarm, leading to violence. With the help of friends, new and old, Una must confront her painful past, seek proof to qualify the ancient site for protection under law, and stand up to a stiff-necked general, whose agenda is more concerned with retrieving a mysterious power source.


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Thank you for taking the time to answer our interview questions! 🙂

Why did you decide to become a writer?

BOTH: As lifetime lovers of movies and books, creating our own novel trilogy seemed like our best hope of participating in the great story telling tradition embodied in works like Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, and The Time Machine.

Who/what are your writing inspirations?

BOTH: Novel series that translate well to the silver screen, like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

What are your favorite genres to read?

BOTH: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Mystery Thrillers.

Favorite writing food / snack?

T.J.: Mixed nuts, lightly salted.

M.L.: Whatever he’s eating.

What do you hope readers take away most from your writing?

BOTH: A new way of looking at our place in the world and maybe even the universe, anticipating humanity’s future through the eyes of other cultures–especially those that long preceded the existence of America as we know it.

Who’s the favorite character of yours that you’ve written and why?

BOTH: Una Waters. Her mixed Caucasian/Native American heritage forces her to reconcile the vast differences in perspective between the two cultures, constantly making choices about who to trust, and what to believe.

What is your writing style? Outliner/Planner or Seat of the Pantser?

T.J.: A little of both. I like to start with a broad outline and fill in the gaps as inspiration comes to me.

M.L.: I’m his reality check. A woman’s point of view keeps our characters well grounded.

If someone wanted to become a writer, what tips would you give to them?

BOTH: Believe in yourself and your vision. Never give up. Never surrender.

If you could collaborate with any other author(living, dead, or undead) who would that be and why?

T.J.: Michael Crichton. His incredible attention to detail and painstaking research made me a believer in so many ideas that it broadened my conception of what is possible.

M.L.: You mean aside from my husband and soulmate? Maybe Suzanne Collins. Hunger Games opened my eyes to injustice everywhere–and made me want to fight it.

If you weren’t a writer, what would you do?

T.J.: I’d be a film-maker, no doubt. As a teenager, I spent endless hours dreaming up story ideas, designing characters, scouting locations, creating special make-ups–and collaborating, both before and behind the camera.

M.L.: Home decorating. I like to create living space with a personal touch.

What’s one thing people should know and/or don’t know about you?

BOTH: What first brought us together? The X-Files. But it was really Fire In The Sky that changed everything and began to open our eyes.

Is there a character that has the most “You” in them? Or the opposite of you?

BOTH: That’s a tough one. We put a little bit of ourselves into every character we write.

If we lived in a Fahrenheit 451 culture, which book would you want to memorize?

T.J.: The Martian Chronicles, by Ray Bradbury. A timeless tale from a Master Storyteller.

M.L.: Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone. We all need some magic in our lives.


I like how it spanned from Una’s childhood to her adulthood. That was fascinating to me. The story was a little slow paced for me, but it was a good story. The characters were good and I think well developed.

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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