kindlecatalogueAuthor: Bethany Daniel
Title: Disconnected
Pages: 306
Narrator: Paul Woodson
Audiobook Length: 6 hours 4 minutes
Format: Audiobook

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Another fast-paced love story from author Bethany Daniel! This is the retelling of Reconnected from Liam's POV.

Four years ago, Liam Warren was on top of the world. He was a newlywed, he was discovered by Excite Entertainment, and he finally got to leave the small Nevada town where he grew up with his wife, Katy. But when they moved to L.A., Liam got too caught up in the Hollywood life. Parties, drinking, and girls clouded his mind. His marriage was no longer his priority, and he pushed Katy away.

One night, Katy came home to find their mansion filled with half-clothed women and Hollywood's partying elite. She told Liam she would leave if things didn't get better, but he was so wrapped up in his new life that he didn't believe her... at least, not until she was gone, and all he had left of her was a note that tore him apart.

But, although she disappeared, Katy never officially divorced him. And when a movie brings him to Georgia, a tour of a local college campus unexpectedly brings him face to face with his wife again.

Four years apart has changed a lot of things for the both of them, but when it comes down to it, their connection is still there. Liam sets out to show Katy that their love is worth fighting for, hoping he can regain her trust and prove to her that he has no intention of ever letting her go again.

Disconnected can be read as a stand-alone, but reading both Connected novels offers fans a deeper understanding of the characters in the series.

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Audio Book Review:

I loved the audio book as much as I loved the book. It was a great story! The narrator spoke clearly and was easy to understand. He expressed some of the emotion while he was speaking for the different characters.

Book Review:

Jen’s Review

OMG! This book had me hooked after the first page! I had to stop after the first few pages and head straight to Amazon to buy Reconnected so that I can also read this story from Katy’s POV.

This story is about Katy and Liam. I don’t want to give any spoilers, for those who have not yet read this or Reconnected. :) But, the story is about the couple reconnecting after being separated. During this story I laughed and cried. It had some really touching moments. You can really feel the love that Liam has for Katy as they are reconnecting and going through difficult times.

The writing is excellent. It has the perfect amount of description for what is happening in the story. The way things are described makes it really easy to feel like you are sitting right there with Katy, Liam, Krista and Scott.

Mikes’s Review

Ok, first things first. Here’s the Authors warning;

It CAN be read as a stand alone but I recommend reading Reconnected too to fully understand all characters/story.

Read this warning, believe it, listen to it. If you haven’t done so already. Go buy Reconnected!

Disconnected has everything you look for in a story. A good concept (I’m always a sucker for the lost love reunited angle), relatable characters who experience real change over the course of the story. Some action, suspense, tragedy, triumph, and syrupy sweet romance.

I should have paid attention to the authors warning because I really couldn’t wrap my head around why some things were going the way they were going and that was really disconcerting. I have faith that those missing pieces are going to be found in Reconnected but without having read that first if you’ll pardon the pun things just felt, disconnected. I’m really looking forward to reading the other perspective of this story and finding those missing pieces of the puzzle.

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