Chasing the Green Fairy Cover

Author: Melanie Karsak
Title: Chasing the Green Fairy
Published On: 03/04/2014
Series: The Airship Racing Chronicles #2
Publisher: Clockpunk Press
Pages: 295
Genres: Action/Adventure, Steampunk
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A sabotaged airship.
A recovering opium addict.
A messenger with life-shattering news.

With the 1824 British airship qualifying race only weeks away, Lily Stargazer is at the top of her game. She’s racing like a pro, truly in love, and living clean. But on one ill-omened day, everything changes.

Pulled head-long into the ancient secrets of the realm, Lily soon finds herself embroiled in Celtic mysteries and fairy lore. And she’s not quite sure how she got there, or even if she wants to be involved. But Lily soon finds herself chasing the spirit of the realm while putting her own ghosts to rest. And only accepting the truth–about her heart and her country–can save her.

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mikes review
[usr 5]

“Byron was the kind of man every mother warned her daughter about, but my mother had tried to drown me in a river, so I pretty much just ran on instinct.”

Man o man, where to begin with this book?! While Chasing the Star Garden took us on an adventure across europe. The green fairy is trickier when being chased and leads through a much more mysterious place. The past.

Flying through the spectrum of emotions like.. well very much like the Stargazer itself flying across the sky this story runs from elated to heartbroken and back again. We flash back and forth in time too quite a bit between the past and the present, giving a lot of insight into the relationships between the characters.

A portion of the story seems to be more of a setup for the next book as it just teases you with the fleeting hints of a grand conspiracy, new enemies, and new friends. An outstanding sequel, Chasing the Green Fairy has just as much action and heart as its predecessor though perhaps with a little less debauchery.

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