a_firefighters_flame_coverAuthor: Dani Hart
Title: A Firefighter's Flame
Published On: March 17th 2014
Publisher: Self Published
Genres: Women's Fiction
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If you dig into the deepest parts of your soul, what would you find? Happiness, pain, love, regret, peace, sorrow? Now imagine experiencing all those feelings at once and then nothing at all. These were the average days in the life of Lennox. An unhealthy and unstable mind is further challenged when fate intervenes. One tragic moment will test her wavering strength and leave a permanent scar on her conscience. Follow her journey of rediscovery, falling in love, and searching for her own fairy-tale ending.


There was a time in my life when the light within me shined so brightly. At some point I lost it. I lost me. Life used to course through my veins like an out of control wildfire, unstoppable and infectious. Time was supposed to heal, but all it did was slowly strip me down to an empty vessel void of passion, desire, and drive. I wanted to scream, “Be the one to save me,” but my soul was drained, my heart was shattered, and time had siphoned the life out of me.



I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Most of the book felt real and raw, more like someone telling me about their life instead of reading a story. Sometimes that pushed around the border between too much minutia detail and just enough. And I’ll be honest, this one was a really rough read through a good chunk of it for me. It was dark and depressing, like holding your breath underwater until you just about can’t take anymore when something positive pops your head up enough to get another breath. But I’m glad I stuck with it.

I don’t even have words for the ending, and I’m certainly not going to spoil it for anyone, but it took a turn I hoped it would, one I wish it hadn’t, and then one that was completely unexpected.



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