Spotlight: Sex God

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Sex God

Unfulfilled in his marriage and life, Alex Sterling makes an indecent proposal to his wife, Angela, which sets them off on an erotic adventure of self-discovery, revealing dark and repressed parts of themselves. On the verge of losing everything that is most important to him, Alex is a man in early life crisis, playing a high-stakes game and going to extreme measures to save what he values most. Is he going through a mental breakdown or is this some sort of spiritual transformation? He has no idea as his grasp on reality crumbles and all his worst fears are inevitably realized.

Sex GodAuthor: Matthew Armstrong
Title: Sex God
Publisher: Be Your Potential Books
Genres: Erotica
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Alex Sterling and his wife Angela are a young couple with two children Tristan and Holly living on the Costa del Sol in Spain. They seem to be the perfect couple with two bright young children, and despite their escalating money worries, they are living an incredible lifestyle on the sunny Mediterranean coast.

But beneath the surface, Alex is unfulfilled in his life and marriage and decides to risk it all by making an indecent proposal to Angela in a last ditch attempt to revive their flat-lining lives. He proposes an open-relationship, which much to his surprise opens a repressed Pandora ’s Box for Angela, a side of her that he has never known — setting them off on an erotic adventure that would make anyone’s head spin and juices flow. It seems to have been a good decision with amongst other intense erotic encounters, it introduces them to BDSM, the swingers’ scene and even finds them on a Russian billionaire’s yacht in a Jacuzzi with the billionaire’s blonde bombshell daughter. Their eyes are opened to the many dimensions of erotic experience two lovers can have, but these experiences are not without their risks.

A turn of unfavourable events manifest, from his kids being expelled from school for a failure to keep up with school fees, to the arrest of the swingers party hosts for secret filming and blackmail. All of this sends Angela into meltdown, blaming and resenting Alex for directing their lives to this point of no return. Alex’s worst fears are then realised as Angela abruptly ups and leaves with the children, moving to Portugal to live with an ex soccer star, old flame from her past — A man of means and a man of power, who Alex feels he is no match for. Alex’s world falls apart around him and a mental breakdown ensues catapulting him on a spiritual pilgrimage as he scrambles to regain his sanity. On this pilgrimage he encounters Lalita an exotic tantra goddess, who he immediately becomes infatuated with and who introduces him to yet another dimension of unity through tantra. She disappears from his life as quick as she entered it and Alex is almost driven crazy once more attempting to find her along the pilgrim’s way.

His pilgrimage offers him much more than he bargained for as he is forced to overcome intense and excruciating physical pain, ego transcendence and a near death experience where instead of running to sure safety, he faces down some wild mountain dogs that have viciously attacked a Japanese pilgrim; and in the process saves her life and becomes revered by her group. He then makes another difficult decision as to whether to return home or remain a pilgrim in the special land, a place and an identity that he has become very much at home with.

Upon arriving home, Alex is overcome and uplifted by two startling and monumental events. First a business partnership from a chance meeting earlier on the billionaire’s yacht, that proposes to put an end to all his money worries for a lifetime. Secondly the surprise return of Angela and the children. Alex is irrevocably changed and transformed from the culmination of the entire adventure, as is Angela, who finally reveals to him the skeletons that were in her closet that had contributed too many of their previous underlying relationship troubles — the truth clearing the way for their future together. But their adventure is far from over. On the contrary it has only just begun.


I want us to communicate our thoughts, feelings and desires without thinking that there is anything wrong with them, because there is not! I want us to break free from what society tells us is normal and acceptable. I accept every desire that you have, so I want you to feel comfortable sharing them with me.” I can hear the words coming out of my mouth but I am not sure where they are coming from. Is it desperation or inspiration? I really can’t tell!

“I just hope that you mean that,” Angela says while dropping her head and looking up at me at the same time.

“Yes, of course I mean it darling, you know me and I don’t say things flippantly.”

“Okay, here goes. The guy who I have been messaging is named Marco Carvalho. I met him when I was in university. He is from Portugal and at the time was a professional footballer. He was in London for a week and the university was hosting the team and they were playing a few friendly matches. I met him in the student union bar and he swept me off my feet.

“I had never met anyone like him before. He was confident, very forward and I couldn’t resist him. I just melted in his presence. I had only a few boyfriends before him and never had sex on the first date, but within 20 minutes of us meeting, he had me in his bed and it was the most exciting and passionate experience of my life.”

Angela is completely lit up and engaged, talking about her memory. Wow, the thought of this guy just sets her on fire. What is it that is so great about him? I wonder. I dated Angela for three weeks before we had sex and even then she was tense and nervous. I re- member her saying that it had been almost three years since she was last with someone and this is who she was talking about.

“What did he say that got you into bed within 20 minutes of meeting him?”

“He kissed me and then told me that he had never tasted anything so delicious. Then he said that he wanted to taste all of me and I nearly collapsed at his feet. But it wasn’t so much what he said, it was everything – how he looked at me, his voice, how he said my name and the light touch of his hand. Every time he touched me, electricity danced around my body. It was ladies drink for free night and the bar was full of scantily clad 19-year-old girls, probably outnumbering the guys 3 to 1. He was a professional footballer and could have had anyone he wanted, but he chose me and that made me feel special.”

“You told me that you have never had an orgasm, so could sweet-talking, electricity guy not do it for you?” I say, trying to be lighthearted, but hearing a hint of sarcasm creep into my tone.

“We had sex five nights in a row, multiple times and we couldn’t get enough of each other, but even though it was passionate, exciting and very intense at times, I could never completely let go.”

“What happened then?” I say, leaning forward.