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Essie by Isaiyan Morrison
Isaiyan Morrison has introduced us to some new characters in her upcoming all new paranormal/urban fantasy titles from The Dead Trilogy. The first full length title The Not-So Dead will be releasing in just 2 weeks Jan 21 2020,

So if you’re ready to meet our last character and the world they live in CONTINUE READING!!!

Name: Essie
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: African American
Height: 5’6
Build: Average
Hair Color: brown dreadlocks
Eye Color: brown

Characteristics: Sanguine or upbeat people look on the bright side – they’re ‘glass half full’ types who tend towards cheerfulness and usually bounce back easily from setbacks.

Essie is the only member of the family who is human.

She is a character in The Not-So Dead, which will be released on January 21 st , 2020


Below you can find an Excerpt from The Not-So Dead (Book 1)

Available January 21 st , 2020


“What I know is Dusk has always treated me right, and in return, I let him know if our family is in danger and I help scope out places for you all to go to if you can no longer stay where you’re at. Just like this place. I mean, it’s not the Ritz and it’s not a mansion, but it’ll do for now.” “But are we…” Faye cupped her hand over her mouth. “Are we really safe here?” Her eyes moved from the game at the other end of her bed to Essie, who smiled at her question.
“I would have never told Dusk to come here if you weren’t. Hueman is safe. Promise,” she answered. “Dusk did ask me this morning to try to find another just in case, so I’m taking off later today to check one out in Arizona.”
“I thought he promised Salome we wouldn’t move again?”
“I forgot. You did hear us talk about that this morning, didn’t you?” Essie said. “Yeah,
well, Dusk promises many things. Some, he can’t keep.”
“You can’t leave, Essie.”
“I have to. I want to. Faye, I know I don’t have to do this. I could just leave and disappear—maybe find someone, start a family of my own—but he’s been there for me.
He found me and saved me from the streets. He treated me like I was his daughter. You know, I used to ask him to make me into what he is. I mean, every day I’d ask him and not once did he give in. He didn’t even think about it. Finally, one day he told me he didn’t want to pass that type of burden to me.” She reached forward and grabbed the gaming device from the bed. “Dusk is all about family. We’re his Achilles heel. He wants what’s best for you.” She handed it to Faye. “He was devastated about Maddy’s death, and he wants to do everything in his power to protect you, Salome, and Tristan.”
Looking at Essie’s calming and self-assured smile, it was hard to believe anything else.
They were safe in Hueman, right?
Essie ruffled Faye’s hair. “So you said the final boss on this level was super hard and crazy. I want to see.” She changed the subject.
Faye picked the game back up. “Okay.” She played for a few minutes before Essie spoke again.
“You said this guy who attacked you last night was wearing some stone around his neck?”
“Looked more like a piece of a stone, a shard or something,” Faye replied, with her gaze still glued to the game.
“Are you sure it was a shard and not some rock?”
Faye shrugged. “Looked like jewelry. I don’t know.” She then turned toward Essie.

Her body posture perked up. “Just curious. It’s not every day some guy carrying a crossbow and a machete shows up wearing jewelry and ready to slay some wraiths, if you know what I mean.”
“I didn’t like it,” Faye said. “Looking at it made me feel…”
“I don’t know. Weird. I think.”
She played a few minutes more until they heard slow footsteps creeping up the stairs.
The noise caught Faye off guard.
The door opened, and Tristan stood in the threshold. “I come bearing gifts!” In his hand he held a used guitar. “Found this in the dumpster.” Its brown-stained wood had huge black splotches, and it was missing a few strings.
“A guitar?” Essie shoved off of Faye’s bed.
“Yup.” He held it toward her. “Back in our old place, you mentioned something about eventually starting up your own band. Here you go.”
Essie grabbed it and eyed it closely. “Looks like it’s seen better days.”
“And it can see them again with a bit of TLC. Seemed like a waste to leave it there.” He reached into his pocket and approached Faye. “And this is for the little spooked wraith baby over here.” He tossed a game cartridge on her bed. “Thought you’d like this.”
Seeing the game lightened her mood. She picked it up and smiled.
“Not sure if it still works, but figured it was worth a shot.” Tristan grinned.
She popped the overused cartridge out of her gaming device and slotted the new one in.
At first it didn’t work so she pulled it out, blew on it, and pushed it back in. When the main screen loaded, she screamed, excited. “Thank you!”
“Don’t say I never got you anything.” He laughed. “You can play it on the way too.”
Faye almost didn’t hear him over her excitement. “On the way?”
Essie sat back on the bed and plucked the only two strings on the guitar. “Where’re you going?”
“Back to where Maddy died.”
“Are you sure that’s such a good idea?” Essie asked.
“Of course, why wouldn’t it be?”
“Why not?” He directed the question back at her. “Even if that human was just lucky, he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with killing one of us. What kind of precedent does it set? If this human is going to start thinking and telling other assholes that wraiths are easy to kill, then we’ll all be targets, if we aren’t already.” He folded his arms. “He can’t and shouldn’t get away with it.”
“That’s… surprisingly caring of you.” Essie nodded.
“I have my moments. I figured I could catch his scent from the site and track him down for a one-on-one talk about the whole thing. Clear up any misconceptions he might have gotten into his pathetic human head. So come on, New Blood.” He winked at Faye. “Let’s get a move on.”
She shook her head. “I… don’t think we should. Dusk wouldn’t want us to go back there.”
“Do you always do what Dusk wants you to do?” Tristan rolled his eyes. “This is the only way we can find this bastard.”
Faye’s thoughts moved to her attacker. She shuddered. “Well, no… but we can’t go anyway. Dusk and Salome took the van.”
“We can call a cab.” He turned toward Essie. “You got a number for one?”
“I got numbers for all of them.” She continued to pluck at the strings.
“Well, there you go. So come on, New Blood. Let’s go find this scary human hunter wannabe and teach him a lesson.”
Faye hesitated. “Are you coming with us, Essie?”
She shook her head. “You two go. I’ll probably be gone by the time you get back.”
“So, Dusk is sending you off to find another place,” Tristan commented. “When’s your
bus leaving?”
“Later tonight,” she answered.
“Flagstaff, Arizona.”
“How about this?” he said. “Call us a cab. We all go together, do a little snooping around, and walk you to the bus station to catch your bus.” He winked. “Dusk did say he didn’t want us to go anywhere by ourselves.”
Essie groaned. “I’m not lying to Dusk.”
“You’re not.” Tristan held out his hand toward her. “We are.”
“No,” Faye said, correcting him. “You are, and you shouldn’t lie about that.”
“Whatever, let’s just go.” He wiggled his hand at Essie who ignored it.

“Last time I took your hand, you leeched on me against my will.” She stood from the bed.
“It was an accident.”
Faye still wasn’t convinced, so she hesitated to move.
“Don’t worry, New Blood. I’ll protect you.” Tristan headed for the door. “Now come on, we should leave before the lovebirds come back.” He headed back downstairs.
“Can’t you leave tomorrow?” she asked Essie. “Stay another day?”
“Sorry. Can’t. You know I’m not much of a settler, sweetie.” Essie rested her hand on Faye’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. It’s all going to be okay. I promise. I’ll only be gone a week or two.” She pulled out her phone.
“What if he’s there? That man?” She slipped off the bed. She didn’t want to go back there, not even with Tristan. “He could still be there, waiting for us.”
“During the day in front of people? Doubt it.” She headed for the door. “Tristan is right about one thing. That man can’t get away with what he did. I wasn’t Maddy’s biggest fan, but I do know that she deserves justice, and you and Tristan can get it for her.” She looked back at Faye. “Just don’t go and tell Dusk I said that.”

We just meet our final character Essie. She sounds like she is always bubbly and happy.
Do you have a favorite from the characters we have met? I was working my way through and with each new character we meet, I was thinking to myself this is my favorite character, but y’all I don’t have a favorite at this time because I absolutely enjoyed meeting every one of these characters. Once we get the first installment of the Dead Trilogy: The Not-So Dead maybe I will be able to choose a favorite than. I make no promises though. All these amazing characters and their unique and different traits is really gonna make Isaiyan’s newest trilogy standout. I just know this trilogy is going to be the top Urban Fantasy books of 2020.

That means there is good news the first title in the Dead Trilogy is releasing in two weeks. I don’t know about you but I am super anxious for the release of the Not-So Dead meeting these characters and getting snippets of their origin.

Follow this link http://bit.ly/37K4uC8 to see a sneak peek into Essie’s Short Story on Isaiyan’s website where she will have a couple of chapters of Essie’s Short Story to read and if you like what you read you can download his short story for FREE (You read that correctly FREE) via a book funnel link. While You Are There Checking out Essie’s’ Story Grab Faye, Maddy, Salome's, Dusk and Tristan’s Stories as well you know you want too.
These characters are amazing. I said this earlier and I still believe it this trilogy is sure be the urban fantasy of 2020.

If you are just now joining us don’t worry you still have plenty of time to meet these amazing characters and get all caught up before the first full length title the Not-So

Dead releases in 2 weeks.

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