Fall of Sky

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Author: Alexia Purdy
Title: The Fall of Sky: A Rock ‘n Roll Saga
Published On: March 6th, 2015
Publisher: Lyrical Lit Publishing
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Suspense
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It’s time to crash and burn….

Traveling across the United States in their beat up station wagon, sisters Audrey and Liv Westing flee their dark pasts. Playing gigs as a singing duo in questionable bars and dives, they live life in the fast lane. No regrets. No Looking back. When their beauty and music attract the eye of a deadly, but powerful Cartel family, everything spirals out of control.

The fall is worth the pain…

Along with a sexy, blind percussionist named Saul, the sisters shoot their way to the top of the music charts, but the price to pay for stardom is steep when knee deep in carnal contracts that demand more than the sisters can give.

Love is a killer…

Where hearts are the currency and music is the only escape, Liv and Audrey must make their way through a world of sketchy music deals, sexy assassins, and unfathomable demands from those who want nothing more than to own every piece of them. But Audrey and Liv don't mind breaking every single rule to survive.

Wait for the encore before the sky falls…

Mike’s Review

[usr 5]

As much as I’ve loved Alexia’s other book series such as A Dark Faerie Tale, I do believe I’ve found a new favorite! This omnibus edition has all four of the Fall of Sky series combined into one big ball of suspenseful awesomeness!

“I could feel the monster beneath who wasn’t to be trifled with.”

The story will keep you hooked, the characters will keep you engaged, and the trainwreck that these peoples lives are apparently heading for is happening in almost slow-motion. You can see it coming, you’re not sure how they’re going to get there, you’re not sure what exactly is going to happen, but you know it’s all going to smash together.

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